Versus XV

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Network Boss-man
UFFSite Veteran
Site Staff
Jul 25, 2013
Solihull, UK
Hey folks,

Here's how this is going to work.

People who care about Versus XV: the next post I see about 'Versus XV' outside of the Versus XV megathread will see that user banned. It's derailing too many threads and becoming a constant, consistent problem. That's finished. There is a dedicated thread for it, and if you can't keep it to that thread, you'll be shown the door. This will continue for anyone who won't show self restraint.

People who don't care about Versus XV: well, you just read the above. You know where the report button is.

This rule goes into effect as of now, 11pm GMT on 23rd March. It will remain in place until I say otherwise, or until this project becomes something official.

This isn't something we want to do, obviously, as discussion should be able to flow within reason, but this is getting stupid. So here we are. It's been made clear.