What is a game you liked at first, but grew not to like it over time?

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Warrior of Light
Oct 9, 2014
Buenos Aires, Argentina
For me that would be Metal Gear Solid 4, at first I was so engaged with it due to the story and how it wrapped up years of loose ends and plot points + the stealth gameplay.

Years went by and I started to see (many) holes within the game, Now I don´t like how MGS4 prioritize story to a fault, there´re long cutscene sequences with short gameplay segments (there´s a point in the game where you´re watching 1hs and 30m of cutscene non-stop followed by at most 10 minutes of gameplay that´s then interrupted by another minutes of cutscenes, it´s insane!!!! Doesn´t help that the game has over 9 hours of cutscenes.
The long sequence of cutscene also hindered the flow of the game a lot, there´re many examples of the above throught the whole run of the game.

What´s the game you liked at first but you started to like it less overtime?
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The GemiKnight

Clan Centurio Member
Nov 11, 2016
Durban, South Africa
I would have to say the GTA and Dragon Age series. Both are successful franchises and I enjoyed the first time I played those games. But, over time they just no longer appealed to my personal gameplay preferences.


SOLDIER Second Class
Dec 27, 2014
Level-5's RPGs, in particular Rogue Galaxy and Fantasy Life. While charming, both are supremely grindey with multiple layers of grind on top.