Where the key Crystal Chronicles staff went

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Warrior of Light
Nov 12, 2014
After Crystal Bearers bombed the team was clearly disbanded, but where did the key people go?

Toshiyuki Itahana, the director of Crystal Bearers and regular character designer is of course chilling in division 1 working on Mevius after XIII-2 and LR.

Akitoshi Kawazu, the producer of the sub-series is of course now in charge of the new SaGa game for Vita.

Kenichiro Yuji who served as director on My Life as a King joined the Type-0 team and served as battle director, he's now working on FFXV.

Mitsuru Kamiyama, director of both DS games and the first Wii game has vanished similar to Kazuhiko Aoki who directed the GameCube game.

Hiroyuki Saegusa, a writer on multiple games went to work on Lord of Arcana.

Hiroyuki Kaneko, director of My Life as a Darklord left the company.

Yasuhisa Izumisawa, another character designer ended up working on Lightning Returns as well.

Kiyoko Maeda, producer of Echoes of Time has also vanished, most likely they left the company as well.
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