Which Final Fantasy characters would you like to see in KH3?

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Sep 26, 2013
So far, we know nothing about FF characters in KH3, but for sure Leon and the gang will return for sure, and unfinished Cloud's side story. I'm definitely sure that we'll get new characters from FF on KH3

New FF characters will most likely to appear:
Zack (VII)
Rinoa (VIII)
Lightning (XIII)
Noctis (XV)

New FF characters I like to appear:
Snow (XIII)
Serah (XIII)
Laguna (VIII)
Stella (XV) (I know that she's been removed, but it would be interesting if they added her in KH3 instead of Luna)
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May 18, 2014
Madrid, Spain
I'd love to see more IX characters. I guess it's a bit harder since Nomura doesn't feel very comfortable using characters that aren't totally his (I recall something similar with Setzer, even if he actually had a part on that character's story, job...), but I can't help but think that IX is the one that best suits KH, from art style (although entirely different) to tone.

So, I'd like Zidane (he'll always be Yitán for me, though :p), Garnet and company to show up. Reallistically, I guess we could get Vivi again and Zidane. I'd love to see Steiner, one of the best characters in the entire series by far. Although at the same time I don't have any trust on current S-E to be able to capture the same charm the original characters had. But well, this ain't a remake, and a little cameo could be great, it doesn't need to live up to the original.

And yes, I assume Lightning is going to be there. Maybe some other character from XIII, too. And well, XV should be out before KH3, so Noctis is likely, too. Although it must be weird (and suck) for Nomura to only be able to fully use him in KH rather than in XV, he might even be resented towards the entire XV fiasco (whatever the reason for his departure was).

Also, we need some XII characters there, it'd be weird not having a single one. Hopefully it isn't Vaan, but Balthier (he would REALLY fit here as a space pirate, with a gummi ship), Basch, Ashe... They could also have really good secret boss fights with this entry's characters.

Wazi the pa

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Oct 26, 2013
Returning characters from previous KH games, even Zack Fair if that's possible. Characters from FFXIII and a slight chance for FFXV characters to join in but only time will tell for that one.


Mar 18, 2015
Lightning (da bae) is pretty much assured.
I'd like to see Rydia and/or Palom/Porom. Tina as well.
FF aside, I'd like to see Neku and co. make a return.
In terms of characters returning: Cloud, Aerith, Zack (though not likely), Cid, Squall, Vivi, Seifer, Fuu and Rai. I don't want Auron to return, not because he's not extremely awesome, but because his arc in KH2 was so perfect it could practically be canon with FFX. I love that. Maybe as a summon though?

I agree that Lightning is a no-brainer. And while I wasn't a fan of XIII, the characters are still pretty cool and I wouldn't mind seeing Hope or Fang in there. Noctis seems like a clear choice as well. I really don't see any reason that they wouldn't use him.

Characters from VI, specifically Celes, Locke, Edgar and Sabin. I always thought Setzer was an odd choice to represent the game. Fun, but odd.

I really want to see Yuna from X, but I'm afraid her appearing as a "Gullwing" in KH2 might've killed any chance for that. Same with Rikku. Other than that, they've covered the characters from X pretty well already.

Non-humans like Red XIII and Kimahri would be great. Similarly, it would be sweet if they could incorporate some iconic summons into the game aside from pure namesake, especially Bahamut.

Finally, more instances of fighting alongside Final Fantasy characters would be much appreciated. It was great having Auron as a party member in Olympus Coliseum.


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Jun 9, 2015
Cloud, Noctis, Sephiroth, Vivi, Leon, a teen tidus and zidane chillin together in town. tifa and aerith , the yuna,riku,pain fairyes.


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My wishlist.

Returning FF characters :
  1. Zack Fair
  2. Yuffie
  3. Cid Highwind
  4. Squall Leonheart
  5. Seifer
New FF characters :
  1. Rinoa
  2. Laguna Loire
  3. Warrior of Light (cause light)
  4. Cloud of Darkness (cause darkness)
  5. Gilgamesh
  6. Noctis
  7. Lunafreya
  8. Gargland
In this list i would also add Kefka to replace Sephiroths role as 1 of the secret bosses and Vicent Valentine to debut in this franchise.

Bites the dust

Balamb Garden Freshman
Apr 14, 2015
Laguna is the only FF character that I would like to see be added for sure. Hearing that he was going to be in BBS, only to be removed because of his appearance in Dissidia 012, was a little disappointing. I feel that his personality and quirks would fit very well in the Kingdom Hearts universe.

Maybe his scrapped scenario from the Mirage arena could even be used to create a new scenario for KH3.
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Jun 7, 2014
Aside from all the obvious characters listed in this thread, I'd like to see some FF villains appear as superbosses in KH3. Sephiroth is still a given, since his story with Cloud is still unresolved, but I want to see others as well. Fighting Kefka, Ultimecia, Kuja, Gilgamesh, etc. would be so awesome. They could function like Data XIII or have their little stories like Sephy in KH2.

Also, even though it's very unlikely, Stella's appearence would be hilarious. Nomura could make her an actual Nobody of Luna.
Sep 26, 2013
I'd probably want to see more reps from FFI-FFVI and some unusual choices. Characters that are on the bottom of the popularity list that wouldn't make the cut for example.

Wazi the pa

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Site Staff
Oct 26, 2013
To be honest, any unused FF character being brought to KH3 as of now would make them important if they were given that role, so that'd be something different to see.