Your feedback on the FFXV Duscae Demo (It's UPS & DOWNS) *SPOILERS*

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Warrior of Light
No so much to add because most of you already said but i have something here and maybe a nitpicking; i don´t own the demo but i played it in the PS4 of a friend:
  • The leveling needs to be a bit more slow, just with a few combats the characters skyrocketed from lv5 to lv10. Recommend to go from Lv5 to Lv6 or Lv7.
  • Improve the the parrying system (specially when sorrounded by many enemies)

Wazi the pa

Samurai Legend
Site Staff
Oct 26, 2013
The demo has gotten many people confused (counting the majority not the minority) over many design choices presented in it. Their excitement for the final game has been flooded by their worry. Hoping that the dev team gets something meaningful out the feedback system.

I'm still curious whether it was the company's decision or the dev team's decision for this feedback system to come into existence....

Things can only calm down once the next update for FFXV comes into action. For now, we're just going to have to endure the 'over-the-top' complaints that's rising over the net.

Wazi the pa

Samurai Legend
Site Staff
Oct 26, 2013
Like what they say on the net & on their feedback survey(s)? That's a valid point. All I hope is that the feedback presented to the dev team means well for them. I'm not talking about the obvious flaws that they will find out easily but something much deeper than that rather than hate comments.

In all honesty, this isn't the first time the company has done APRGs before and it doesn't make sense to me why they would need feedback on a single player game.... It's unheard of for the right reasons. Getting feedback would make sense in multiplayer games since the repetitive formula is what's key to present player's with the challenge & such with every multiplayer match presented.


Sep 8, 2014
I also doubt that this survey/the feedback in general will have a noticeable impact on the final product - for the better imo.. They'll likely tweak the camera, the lock on function and some other minor complaints but that's it.
Some of the questions are also really weird though. Seems more like a general target group survey.


Jul 15, 2014
Germany, Castrop-Rauxel
So I have this feedback on Square Enix about the FFXV demo.
Is this too much? xD

Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae:

+ positive (liked it/can stay in the final game)
+ is good
++ is very good
+++ is perfect

- negative (didn't liked it/should be fixed)
- is bad
-- is very bad
--- is atrocious

* wish (should be added/suggestions for improvement)
* low priority
** high priority
*** highest priority

Can not be rated, because it's only a demo.
But still, hope that Stella and Luna are not the same person. Maybe sisters.^^

+++ realistic lightning
++ amazing main character models
+++ good-looking NPC's
++ believeble monsters
+++ cool-looking weapons
++ beautiful water
++ wonderful Weatherchanging
++ good texture
-- no shadows on grass
-- alaising on cars

*** more draw-distant

++ good battle-system
+++ very good HP and MP system
++ different weapons usable during combat
+++ camping
+++ no loadings
+++ the Niflheim airship and the robots
+++ Behemoth bossfight
+++ breath-taking ramuh summon
+++ awesome animations
+++ creepily atmosphere
+++ shops
+++ the dungeon
++ chocobos
++ simple UI
++ slow-motion by a heavy attack (when Noctis HP is at 0 points)
-- still a little bit the "hitstun" effect by attacking the enemy
- Noctis Zweihander is not too heavy enough
-- too quick to level-up
-- frame drops
-- camera doesn't follow the enemy by lock-on
-- lock-on symbol is too big
-- positive conditions symbols are not definable (should be like in FF XIII)
-- stop effect from Prompto should be grey on monsters instead of purple
--- darkness effect/black border on screen (it was also sometimes in FF XIII-2)

** to run longer
** more realistic jump-animation
*** able to swim
*** hurt characters (HP-bar is red) should bleeding
*** dying characters (HP-bar is grey) should lie on the ground instead of "sitting"
** able to rotate the camera during camping
*** to lock-on with R1 or R3 and with moving R3 to change the target
*** a minimap like in FF XIII
*** monsters level-up too
** weapons should be visible in the menu like in Lightning Returns
*** switchable and playable characters...
*** ...if not realizable, than
1. should Noctis use all different kind of weapons
(like fists, daggers, swords, broadswords, katanas, speers, lances, axes, rapiers, guns, whips, bow and arrow)
2. should be Gladiolus, Ignis, Prompto, Guestcharacters outside the battles controllable and if the battle begins the system switches automatically to Noctis
*** controlable airships
*** save system like in Lightning Returns (one automatic savegame and multiples manually saving)
*** weather like snow, thunderstorms, sandstorms, tornados
*** magic spells like flare, ultima, meteor, holy, gravit/demi etc.
*** espers like Diablos, Eden, Ifrit, Shiva, Bahamut, Alexander, Siren, Carbuncle, Cerberus, Doomstrain, Phönix etc.
** more variety of attacks from the Esper like Ramuh summons a big thunderclap without his rod or he uses his weapon to attack the enemies with many small thunderclaps (like in FF VI)
*** monsters like tonberry, cactuar, bomb, malboro, ochu, omega weapon, ultima weapon etc.
** treasures like in FF VII, X
* able to change the color in the menus like in FF VI, VII

+++ simply goddess (love Shimomura ^_^ )
+++ everything perfect
+++ adjustable sound intensity

*** a radio in the car to hear old Final Fantasy and FF XV music

+++ fits overall
+++ cool airship sound
++ good english voices of Gladio, Ignis, Prompto
--- the english voice of Noctis is too deep...

*** should sound like in the Jump Fiesta Trailer (Noctis and his friends are in the car) Noctis said "okay? Being blast into oblivion!?"

+++ huge landscape
+++ open-world
++ many different things to collect like fogs, swords, items
++ dungeons, forests
+++ cool and suprising moments like the titan and the Niflheim airship

*** deserts
*** snowy landscapes
* universe like in FF VIII, if it is possible :D
*** theater-mode like in FF Type-0 (play the cutscenes, CGI, music, render characters, monsters)
** New Game+ (ceeping the items, new unlockable locations and bosses)

Fun Factor--------------------------------09/10
+++ finally a FF XV demo
++ the battles
+++ the dialogs
+++ the freindship between the main characters
++ searching for items
+++ strong enemies
-- the camera
-- frame drops

*** the minigame trible traid card of FF VIII