Your Final Fantasy Dream Team

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Sep 26, 2013
If there is one thing Final Fantasy is known for, it would have to be the playable cast of characters. The games usually have an average of something like 6-8 party members per game (with the exception of FFVI of course). Since we have a ton of characters to pick from, what would be your dream team? If you had the option to play a brand new Final Fantasy game with any character you want, who would you choose? Who would you want to journey with?


1) Pick party members from Final Fantasy I-XIV. FFXV is not out yet so it does not count.
2) No spin-offs, sequels, prequels, card games, novels, browser, mobile games and any other side stuff.
3) For MMO's, just state the job class and sub class(optional) if you want.
4) No temporary and side characters.
5) You can only have 7 party members.
6) No villains.

My dream team.

1) (FFVI) Shadow
2) (FFIV) Rydia
3) (FFVI) Strago
4) (FFXI) Red Mage(main)/Black Mage(sub)
5) (FFVI) Celes
6) (FFVII) Cid
7) (FFXII) Balthier
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SeeD A-Class
Sep 26, 2013
I - White Mage or Black Mage
VII - Cloud, Tifa, and Vincent
VIII - Squall (does Ultimecia count? lol)
X - Yuna and Lulu
XII - Balthier and Ashe
XIII - Lightning and Fang
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Balamb Garden Freshman
Sep 28, 2013
Now I can't stop thinking about how awesome it would be to have a 7-character party in battle.
Here's my dream team:
  1. Squall (VIII)
  2. Vivi (IX)
  3. Irvine (VIII)
  4. Lightning (XIII)
  5. Snow (XIII)
  6. Terra (VI)
  7. Celes (VI)
If side games/sequels were allowed, I'd have Noel (XIII-2) instead of Irvine. If temporary characters were allowed, I'd have Laguna (VIII) instead of Vivi.


Clan Centurio Member
Oct 4, 2013
World B
Hm... Let's see...
  1. Lightning (XIII)
  2. Cecil (IV)
  3. Vaan (XII)
  4. Squall (VIII)
  5. Kain (IV)
  6. Tidus (X)
  7. Snow (XIII)
Well, I know characters from side games are illegal in this dream team, but would it be alright to have their fighting styles loosely based on Dissidia 012? Only because that would make them my true dream team. Also, personal achievement for not putting Cloud on there!
Oct 9, 2013
Santo Domingo
Personally, I always loved the way you could swap characters mid-battle in FFX, so I'm arranging my team with this in mind. Here goes nothing:

1. Squall (FFVIII)
2. Balthier (FFXII)
3. Terra (FFVI)
4. Auron (FFX)
5. Seymour/Yuna (FFX)
6. Rinoa (FFVIII)
7. Shadow & Interceptor (his dog) (FFVI)

Wow, I'd surely love this.


Stiltzkin's Apprentice
Oct 26, 2013
1) Cloud (FFVII)
2) Cecil (FFIV)
3) Vincent (FFVII)
4) Yuna (FFX)
5) Tidus (FFX)
6) Terra (FFVI)
7) Kain (FFIV)


Red Wings Commander
Oct 23, 2013
Ohh nice nice, let's see!
In no particular order...
1) Tidus (FF X)
2) Celes (FF VI)
3) Lilisette (FF XI)
4) Tifa (FF VII)
5) Fang (FF XIII)
6) Balthier (FF XII)
7) Shadow (FF VI)

Edit: Oops, Lilisette is temporary/side character so...

3) Cecil (FF IV)
Sep 26, 2013
No order here, just the order I think of them in.

IX - Princess Garnet Til Alexandros XVII
VII - Tifa Lockhart
VII - Vincent Valentine
VII - Barret Wallace
X - Auron
IX - Vivi Ornitier
XIII - Sazh Katzroy

My team is more VII heavy than I really would have figured had you asked. I also love me some summoners- summoning is the best. It's too bad I couldn't fit Yuna on here, but I'll give her an honorable mention.
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PSICOM Soldier
Sep 27, 2013
1) Squall (VIII)
2) Vincent (VII)
3) Balthier (XII)
4) Lulu (X)
5) Vivi (IX)
6) Rydia (IV)
7) Sazh (XIII)

pretty range heavy, but with Squall dealing out Lionhearts the rest of the team can flare and shoot the hell out of whatever.


PSICOM Soldier
Sep 26, 2013
1. Cloud (VII)
2. Aeirth (VII)
3. Tifa (VII)
4. Zack (VII)
5. Squall (VIII)
6. Rinoa (VIII)
7. Tidus (X)

If there's an 8th choice
8) Yuna


Knight of Death
I normally roll a good variety of classes and styles in RPGs that let you roll jobs for your party members. If the game permits me, I'll roll a party that encompasses as much of the usual RPG job spectrum as I can.


1) Cyan - samurai (FFVI) <-- can be interchangeable with Auron. They can both totally take turns.
2) Basch von Ronsenburg - presumably a knight/warrior (FFXII)<-- man in his thirties with battle scars > a teenager with no scars and flawless skin with improbable swords.


3) Vivi - black mage (FFIX) <-- because he is more powerful than Jesus. Probably.
4) Rosa - white mage (FFIV) <-- this will probably be the only time that this character does anything memorable.


5) Yuna - summoner (FFX) <-- Garnet came to mind too, but Yuna can potentially summon a giant, homicidal chicken from the underworld where it is in chains and tortured by the forces of hell. Or something like that.
6) Balthier - he's got to be a gunner (FFXII) <-- because we needed a leading man.


7) Red XIII - attack/magic all-rounder (FFVII) <-- at the last resort, he can bite a guy's leg, causing enough of a distraction for everyone else to start slashing/shooting.


8) Rinoa's dog - cannon fodder (FFVIII) <-- when goings get tough and we're THAT desperate for a weapon. And for a chance to ensure that PETA becomes the final villain of the game.


Oct 6, 2013
1) Cloud (because spikey hair)
2) Barret (because black)
3) Tifa (because boobs)
4) Ultimecia (because fingers)
5) Sephiroth (because epic)
6) Kefka (because crazy)
7) Balthier (Just because)

Squirrel Emperor

Sep 26, 2013
I - White Mage or Black Mage
VII - Cloud, Tifa, and Vincent
VIII - Squall (does Ultimecia count? lol)
X - Yuna and Lulu
XII - Balthier and Ashe
XIII - Lightning and Fang
How do you get over 7 characters ?:\

1. Squall (FFVIII)
2. Balthier (FFXII)
3. Terra (FFVI)
4. Auron (FFX)
5. Seymour/Yuna (FFX)
6. Rinoa (FFVIII)
7. Shadow & Interceptor (his dog) (FFVI)
Seymour is temporary.

1) Cloud (because spikey hair)
2) Barret (because black)
3) Tifa (because boobs)
4) Ultimecia (because fingers)
5) Sephiroth (because epic)
6) Kefka (because crazy)
7) Balthier (Just because)
Read rule #1 and #4

Updated the original post with a new rule. No villains.


Sphere Hunter
Sep 30, 2013
Vancouver, BC
Interesting thread. Mind you I didn't finish all Final Fantasy though I have played majority of them. I'm going for balance, personal favourites, interesting characters (while not repeating any classes):

  1. Black Mage - IX - Vivi
  2. White Mage/Summoner - X - Yuna
  3. Monk - VI - Sabin
  4. Gunner (ranged attacker) - VII - Barret
  5. Thief - IX - Zadine
  6. Warrior - VII Cloud
  7. Dragoon - IV - Cecil
  8. Beastmaster (main)/Ninja (sub) - XI

Notable mentions:
I didn't expect it will be this hard when I select, if I have 12 it might be easier, but 8 really had me think of what which characters were my all-time favourites. So this is a list of characters that got very close:
  • Darknight (main)/Thief (sub) - XI - my set up for XI, insane damage dealer if pair with a great Paladin
  • Edgar - VI - it's hard to choose Sabin but not Edgar as they are such powerhouse together
  • Lulu - X - I always like Lulu but if I have to choose only one black mage, Vivi wins
  • Red Mage (main)/White mage (sub) - XI - my second set up for XI. Extremely efficient and will always be the last one standing
  • Lightning - XIII - many doesn't like her, but I actually find her at times even more interesting than Cloud. I chose Cloud for overall balance of the team above.
  • Balthier - XII - Seriously, who doesn't like Balthier?
  • Amarant - IX - I think overall, he is an extremely valuable character, I chose Sabin over him only because Sabin always have a soft spot in my heart.


Balamb Garden Freshman
Nov 17, 2013
South Africa
This is harder than I thought.. but my dream team in specific order would be:

1 - Squall Leonhart ( best main character )
2 - Zell Dincht ( always chilled )
3 - Lulu ( nice rack to keep my team motivated )
4 - Wakka ( "I'm from Jamaica maan and I kick ass" )
5 - Auron ( Always need that tough wise guy in your team )
6 - Cloud ( someone to replace Squall should he need a break )
7 - Rikku ( cute and bubbly, and a thief for the right team )


Chocobo Knight
Sep 27, 2013
FF7 Cloud
FF8 Squall
FF9 Beatrix
FF10 Auron
FF12 Balthier
FF4 Kain

and some reserves

FF Tactics Ramza
FF Type-0 Ace
FF7 Crisis Core Zack
FF13-2 Noel
FF12 Vossler
FFXIV my Warrior character with his amazing armor/weapon
FF1 Warrior of Light
FF7 Dirge of Cerberus Vincent
FF7 Shadow