Your first reaction when ffxv was shown at e3 2013

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May 27, 2014
When that square enix logo popped up at e3 2013 and tetsuya nomura popped up and it saying in the yellow text ffvsxiii director. What were your first reaction when ffxv was show at e3 2013 and your reaction when you the logo changed to ffversusxiii to Final fantasy Xv and it being confirmed for next gen? I jumped out of my seat when the logo changed and was extremly happy becasue now more people would know about the game since it was shown at a major press confrence and we we get more info since it was now a main final fantasy title.


Red Wings Commander
Oct 26, 2013
Don't know I felt both good and bad the music was pretty good,and the "old maffia mans" I love it!! but when I saw the half trailer was a cgi graphics and the realtime graphics was pretty bad for a ps4 game and the framerates too and we didn't know nothing new about the game then its an okay, I really hoped its remain for a ps3 game or just remain vesus13 for ps3 and or ps4 and Agnis Philosphy would be a FF15 game with full realtime luminous engine graphics. But ohh well this is never gonna happen now.
May 26, 2014
Well I was certainly excited. Can't say I was surprised about the rebranding though. I was kind of assuming Versus would become XV due to rumors 'n the like.


Stiltzkin's Apprentice
Jun 5, 2014
Let's just say that on the day of the Sony conference, I rushed to finish a project (the conference was well under way by then), told my boss I'd be out for the day, turned on the stream, and BAM! there it was, Tetsuya Nomura, trailer and all.

I was speechless for the duration of the trailer.

Edit: hoping for a repeat of the same events this year, maybe not with Nomura at the beginning. ;P
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Knight of Death
I didn't watch it live, and I had exams to prepare for. I half-forgot that E3 was happening, I was in a semi-bad mood, and when I sheepishly got on at around 10am to do some quick browsing before studying, I saw the FFXV and KH3 headlines pop up.

My immediate reaction was "FINALLY!", because for a while I've been suggesting that they rename Versus XIII, and because it was long rumoured in the run-up to last year's E3. It was also because we hadn't had a proper showing of the game for over two years, and back in January 2011, the trailer they produced was not exactly stellar, as it reminded me of a bigger budget Crisis Core with the occasional mechs and some dull third-person shooting.

I got round to the trailers, and I was very pleasantly surprised by what I saw, especially the visuals, the verticality of the combat, and Leviathan. The verticality of it excited me because looking at the second trailer where Noctis hangs onto a floating thing above some of the Iron Giants, and the wall running, it was something new and exciting to the action-RPG (at least for me, anyhow), and because it offers a wealth of strategy for the player if implemented correctly. I wasn't as keen on the blatantly scripted aspects, however.

Then I swooned at the villain designs, especially the fedora man, and even Altair/Ezio, before being disappointed with Stella's new design. I never looked at the old Stella in old CG and rendered trailers and thought to myself: "do you know what she needs? She needs to look younger and...cuter? Make her eyes as round as possible and increase their size without looking too inhuman".

Squirrel Emperor

Sep 26, 2013
My reaction for Final Fantasy XV was, "About damn time!"

It wasn't until they showed Kingdom Hearts 3 that I got a bit more excited because it was Square Enix finally giving fans the two games they have been wanting for years now.


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Jul 25, 2013
Solihull, UK
I was there in-person, and though we knew it was going to be there, we were a little bit iffy on if it was going to be Versus or 15. I remember leaning in to @Kagari as the logo appeared and saying "It seems we were wrong, then," and then it changed. I had a minor jaw drop, I remember she squealed. Funny little moment.


Knight of Death
May 28, 2014
I remember being really hyped. And I got goosebumps when Leviathan turned to the screen glaring at Noct. I was also still wondering about the hooded masked man in white talking to the heavy golden knights. though I wish the characters didn't wear so much black, it is my fav color so I'll roll with it.