Your impression of Sony's conference?

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Knight of Death
I had my fingers crossed for The Last Guardian, and I was hoping that the show would end with it, but I half forgot that Uncharted was still absent, and that game's likelihood of making an appearance was almost inevitable. Not that a (final?) new installment of Uncharted is a bad thing by any means. I'm also very much looking forward to it, but another TLG no-show was dispiriting.

What on earth happened by the second half of the show? Sony, you do realise that Microsoft received flak last year for excessive focus on TV and entertainment, right? I know Sony hadn't spent most of the time talking about TV, and undeniably did deliver on games, I was baffled at having to sit through the TV material. Not to mention the utmost lack of Vita focus in this event, though the PS TV (known in Japan as the PS Vita TV, I believe it is?) was a nice inclusion, and I concede that Morpheus didn't take up any exorbitant length of time. But the bizarre switch to length talk about TV shows killed the momentum they were slowly building up that peaked with Bloodborne(?).

The good

+ Batman Arkham Knight
+ Grim Fandango remastered
+ Ratchet & Clank 1 remake
+ Metal Gear Solid V
+ No Man's Sky
+ Abzu
+ Uncharted
+ Playstation TV

The bad

- Vita focus was laughable
- The TV thing
- no The Last Guardian
- like Microsoft's conference, just still wasn't very exciting
- I'm going to have to get used to that new CEO of SCEA.
- could have been trimmed down in general. A lot of the allotted time was poorly used anyway.

Wait, what?

> Let It Die; I wasn't expecting that from Suda 51. We all expected Lily Bergamo.

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Materia Hunter
Sep 26, 2013
Pretty much what Fleur said.

Went along well, fell on its arse in the middle, then ended well.

Lot of good games and some strong Sony exclusives - LBP3 will be a big hit again.

May 26, 2014
It was ok. Nothing really wowed me, though I did find No Man's Sky to be quite intriguing.
And, as usual, I wasn't a fan of the terribly unfunny jokes the reps seemed to be whipping out one after another (but this is E3 after all, so... yay for awkward moments?)

Anyway, not gonna slap a number on it, but I suppose it was passable.


Knight of Death
May 28, 2014
The Batman AK vid was great, but other than that nothing was might tastes. I could tell the crowd loved a lot of that stuff. But it feel like this E3 is gonna be lacking in the RPG department.

6. Count it.
Nov 29, 2013
It was good to see Bloodborne, the new game in the style of the Souls series, being announced. It's a shame that it got leaked, but I can imagine it would have blown my mind to know a PS4 From Software exclusive was in the works. Apart from that, I agree with Fleur for the most part.