Your Top 5 Games

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Jan 17, 2016
Worcester, UK
Hmm, tough one is this.

1. Final Fantasy VII
Not only is it the first FF I ever played, but also one of the first PlayStation games I ever played. I usually play it through once every couple of years, and every time, i still love it.

2. Resident Evil 2

The joy of playing this game - man i can hardly tell you. The music, the sense of danger, it was amazing.

3. Final fantasy VIII
Again, just a joy to play.

4. Broken Sword
This was the first PlayStation game I ever got, as it came with the console (along with Gran Turismo and Road Rash in a 3 disc set). Such a genius game. challenging and very funny too. Good ol' George. I still play this game today on my Mac.

5. Metal Gear Solid
Many many play throughs. Still an amazing game.

I fully expect FFXV to replace one of those titles.


Keyblade Master
Sep 26, 2013
It is a tough one... My list probably reads a little boring/predictable, but it's always difficult to narrow down to just five. These ones all definitely stand out tho.

1. FF7
My first FF and one I try to replay every year or two. It still has lots of issues that I'd love to have seen fixed up in a proper PS4 remaster that last year's release should have been, but it's still one I can easily come back to and love each time. Very much looking forward to the remake, even if I know it will be a very different experience.

2. FF9
I still think FF9 captures the essence of FF better than all others with its medieval setting and anthropomorphic cast.

3. Zelda: Majora's Mask
Still no other Zelda has come close to matching the personality, atmosphere, quirkiness and depth of MM.

4. Super Metroid
An exceptional example of game design.

5. Metroid Prime
An exceptional example of game design... in 3D.


PSICOM Soldier
Nov 24, 2016
here are my Top 5 games and I'm only picking one game each from a different genre.

1. Final Fantasy 6 ( RPG)

2. Metal Gear Solid 3 ( stealth )

3 Sonic 2 ( platformer )

4 River City Ransom ( beat em up)

5 Legend of Zelda ocarina of time ( Action-adventure)


PSICOM Soldier
Nov 24, 2016
my top 5 games for this generation

1. Marvel's Spider-Man

2. Mega Man 11

3. Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator

4. Metal Gear Solid 5: the Phantom Pain

5. God of War PS4


Warrior of Light
Oct 9, 2014
Updating from last time, limiting one game per franchise:

1) Final Fantasy XV

A game carried by the four most lovable Warriors of Light in the series in a story of brotherhood, duty and sacrifice, a chilling and emotional experienced not replicated since FF10.

2) Shadow of the Colossus

The pinnacle of "doing a lot with very little" for videogame storytelling.

3) Metal Gear Solid V: The Phanton Pain

Hideo Kojima swang song and an excellent finale for the SOLID series (yes, more than the appalling MGS4). All the years of trial and error in melting, action, stealth and gameplay as storytelling finally come together in its most polish state complemented with the most flexible and depth levels the franchise ever had.

4) Devil May Cry 3

The best package benchmark that any hack & slash action game should strive for, still unmatched to this day (DMC5 may change that, lets wait and see), with lots of varied and depth techniques and skills for you to master and make stylish combat.

5) Dragon Ball FighterZ

I was never a strong fighting game player nor where a genre favourite of mine, I just played then for fun like any other game and Dragon Ball had very meh games, so the fact that this game managed to make into my top 5 list (with the caveat at the beginning) should speak for its quality, it's a damn adictived game.
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Stiltzkin's Apprentice
Dec 1, 2018
Hey, guys, I am new here and I am so happy to be here, I best part is to introduce yourself I like to play and explore more in the game.
I used to play many other games like multiplayer, shooter game, etc. Many time I used to play with my friends as like game sharing.
I like Kingdom heart
Final Fantasy 7
Call of Duty
Farming Simulator 19


UFFSite Veteran
Picking only 5 is hard for me, as I have many favorites.

1.. Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
2. Marvel Vs Capcom 2
3. Metal Gear Solid
4. Resident Evil 2 (Remake)
5. Final Fantasy VIII

Honorable Mentions

Resident Evil 2 (Original)
Twilight Princess
Ocarina of Time
A Link Between Worlds
Panzer Dragoon
Panzer Dragoon Saga
Ninja Gaiden Black
Parasite Eve
Dragon Force
Brave Fencer Musashi
Tactics Ogre
Metal Gear Solid 3
Bayonetta 1 & 2
Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door
Paper Mario: Color Splash
Final Fantasy VI
Final Fantasy VII
Final Fantasy IX
Valkyrie Profile
Kingdom Hearts
Kingdom Hearts II
Street Fighter Alpha 2
Street Fighter 3
Street Fighter IV
Valkyria Chronicles
Tekken Tag Tournament
Animal Crossing
Metroid Prime
Super Mario Galaxy
Super Mario Odyssey
Super Mario 64
Super Mario World
Banjo Kazooie
Super Metroid


Stiltzkin's Apprentice
Nov 14, 2022
Has anyone played WoW here? It seems to me that if you compare the games that were 20 years ago with those that are now, then the difference is obvious.
For example, (WoW) Boost Shop. Many consider them "dishonest" or even "illegal", but I consider them just new milestones in the development of games. Moreover, it is strange to be surprised in the era of capitalism that any entertainment is monetized.