Your Top Final Fantasy Games

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May 27, 2014
Lets list our top FF games
These are my top 10

1.Final Fantasy VI
2.Final Fantasy IX
3.Final Fantasy V
4.Final Fantasy VII
5.Final Fantasy IV
6.Final Fantasy XII
7.Final Fantasy XV
8.Final Fantasy X
9.Final Fantasy I
10.Final Fantasy XIII


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Oct 26, 2013
hard to say, i'm sure FFVI, FFV, FFXII and FFXV are in the list tho.

i'll update later.
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For my list I separate the games on two categories, those being the two most talked points about FF games, Gameplay and Story. The gameplay list tend to remain static without changes, on the other hand I tend to change the story list every now and then each month, each week I find something to like/dislike about each game´s story that lowers/ups their ranking (the only exception to this rule is the N°1, that one has remain in that spot for over a decade standing imo without equal).
The following includes all the FF games that I´ve played thus far (and that I remember having played).
1. Final Fantasy X
2. Final Fantasy XII
3. Final Fantasy X-2
4. Final Fantasy V
5. Dissidia: Final Fantasy
6. Final Fantasy Type-0
7. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII
8. Final Fantasy Tactics
9. Final Fantasy VII
10. Final Fantasy VI
11. Final Fantasy IV
12. Final Fantasy IV: The After Years
13. Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light
14. Dierge of Cerberu: Final Fantasy VII
15. Final Fantasy Brave Exvius
16. Final Fantasy IX
17. Final Fantasy VIII
18. Final Fantasy III
19. Final Fantasy
20. Final Fantasy II
1. Final Fantasy X
2. Final Fantasy V
3. Final Fantasy IV
4. Final Fantasy X-2
5. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII
6. Final Fantasy XII
7. Final Fantasy Type-0
8. Final Fantasy Tactics
9. Dissidia Final Fantasy
10. Final Fantasy VIII
11. Final Fantasy VII
12. Final Fantasy IX
13. Final Fantasy Brave Exvius
14. Dierge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII
15. Final Fantasy VI
16. Final Fantasy: The 4 heroes of Light
17. Final Fantasy IV: The After Years
18. Final Fantasy II
19. Final Fantasy III
20. Final Fantasy
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Dec 27, 2014
#10: X and X-2.
#09: VII.
#08: Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift.
#07: XII.
#06: IV.
#05: VI
#04: XIV.
#03: V.
#02: Tactics (War of the Lions).
#01: IX.
Aug 14, 2016
All over
I don't know if I have a ranking of sorts. I put the ones I played into tiers, with no particular order per tier.

Tier 1 - My absolute favorites
  • FF7 - This game was far too easy and the Materia system was so easy to abuse. The translation was terrible. And yet - it completely changed the genre (if not gaming as a whole). Few games can be called revolutionary - this is one of them.
  • FF4 DS - My first FF game made even better with the Augment system. Same great story with an ace localization (and unoffensive voice acting).
  • FFXV - Best main characters and best gameplay in the series. One of the best villains too. Yes it has story flaws and questionable design decisions, but the whole is far greater than the sum of its parts.
  • FFT: WOTL - Tom Slattery and Joseph Reeder did a fantastic job with the localization, which made a great story immeasurably better. Play the iOS version and not the PSP version if you want to avoid battle slowdown.
Tier 2 - Great games that didn't resonate with me as much
  • FFV - Love the job system; the scenario not so much - except for Ghido
  • FFVI - Far too easy, even with player-imposed restrictions (natural magic, low level, etc.)
  • FFX - I love the story, but the rock-paper-scissors nature of combat gets really old. And the post game is so damn tedious.
Tier 3 - Great games with major annoyances
  • FFXII IJS - The best version of the game: It adds more strategy (hint: Penelo as a Black Mage is OP), and Espers are slightly less useless. It also adds some sanity to the marks. Fast-forward is nice. But the story is still missing, despite Balthier.
  • FFIX - The characters (that actually have any sort of development) are some of the most likeable in the series. The Active Time Events add so much more to rote JRPG towns. I'm also addicted to Chocobo Hot & Cold. But to me, the story reads like fan-fiction. And the I enjoyed the game more on the iOS release, where I could turn them the hell off.
Tier 4 - Good games with major annoyances
  • FFVIII - Do yourself a favor -- get Enc-None and play Triple Triad. I had far more fun that way.
  • FFX-2. Better than it had any right to be. The game itself was a joy to play. The story had its moments, but was so damn ridiculous overall. I gave up trying to 100% it; the mission requirements were communicated as well as Al-Bhed translated to hieroglyphs.
Tier 4 - Played them once and that's enough.
  • FFXIII - A stupid story with unlikeable characters (except for Sazh - dude can be in my party any day). The battle system was actually fun -- when the game finally lets you use it 40 hours in.
  • FFXIII-2 - I guess I'm a glutton for punishment. This is a better game than the original, in that it actually lets you play it from the opening. The monsters added a new dimension. The story was worse than the original. While I applaud SE for adding actual sidequests, they weren't enjoyable.
  • FFMQ - For us in our 30s, remember renting games from Blockbuster? My older self would have grounded my 7-year-old self if I tried to waste my allowance on a purchase.
Tier 5 - Nostalgia ain't what it used to be
  • FFI - Never owned a NES. Never plan to finish the iOS file I started.
  • FFII - Who the hell thought this battle system was a good idea? (Story wasn't half-bad, though)
  • FFIII - Unlike the other two, I finished the DS version. That's time I'll never get back.
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May 26, 2014
Very hard to say, except for the #1 spot which is IX. I'm not a fan of "top __" lists that go beyond 5 because I think it's pretty arbitrary after that point. And even 5 is pushing it. I'm more of a fan of top 3 lists. But I guess if I had to list 'em in order (and I'm not willing to go beyond 5) it would go something like this:

1. IX
2. V or VII
3. V or VII
4. XIII or III
5. XIII or III

I can also say that XII is at the absolute bottom and is the only Final Fantasy game that I've played that I didn't enjoy.


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Sep 30, 2013
Vancouver, BC
It's easy for me to pick a top 5 with no order than to put them in order. So except for my number 1 spot, the orders of top 2-6 changes depends on my mood:

  1. VI - The cast, the music, the story, the drama. This game is the most flawless FF game.

  2. VII - The definition of JRPG done right.

  3. X - Good story, great execution, memorable cast.

  4. XIV:ARR/Heavensward - You haven't truly experience FF until you play XIV and XI.

  5. Tactic (War of the Lions) - Game of Thrones style story.

  6. XV / IX - I see these two as the outcast in the opposite spectrum: FF going into the most traditional direction and FF going into the most not traditional. Yet both have an amazing story that brought me to tears.
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Nov 24, 2016
1 Final Fantasy VI ( game play (rank 3) , story (rank 1,) main characters ( rank 2 ) , villain ( rank 1)

2 Final Fantasy XV game play ( rank 1) , main characters ( rank 1) , villain ( rank 2) story ( rank 6)

3 Final Fantasy IX ( game play( rank 2 ) , main characters ( rank 3 ) , villain ( rank 3) , story ( rank 2 )

4 Final Fantasy VII ,game play ( rank 4) , main characters ( rank 4) , villain ( rank 4) , story ( rank 3 )

5 FF X game play ( rank 5 ) and story (rank 4) , main characters ( rank 5 ) villain ( rank 6 )

6 FF VIII game play ( rank 6) story ( rank 5) main characters ( rank 6) villain ( rank 5)
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Jun 9, 2015
IX is definitely my favorite. It's great although flawed as literature but pure perfection as philosophy. Characters are top notch, the situations they get into are crafted well and it feels like most characters received justice in the story.

VII comes next. Memorable characters and world and surprisingly well written.

Both have excellent soundtracks

XV comes then I guess. This may change as it's very fresh but despite its numerous flaws it is a very likable game. The characters are not deep or complex but they are very real everyday people and that is a hard task to accomplish IMO. The villain is very good and the writers managed to create a situation where he simply can't lose. The OST is superb and the battle system very fun. Warp is the most inventive and fun mechanism I've seen in a game since kingdom Hearts.

X. Of course it's a favorite. I found it dragging a little bit because of the very slow battle system but the characters are very good and the story is innovative and has great traits. Actually the best thing about characters is not how they develop which they do to some extent but how they are implemented in the story to show stuff like blindly following a religion, stereotypes and racism, the battle of technology and evolution with preservative people and how every head of a party is corrupted at the end.

V for the end. It just throws all the FF seriousness out of the window and presents a light hearted joyful small story. It seems dumb but it's pretty nice.

I don't like IV, VI, VIII and XIII.


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1 Final Fantasy VI ( game play (rank 3) , story (rank 1,) main characters ( rank 3) , villain ( rank 1)

2 Final Fantasy XV ( for battle system ( rank 1), game play ( rank 1) , main characters ( rank 1) , villain ( rank 2) story ( rank 6)

3 Final Fantasy IX ( for battle system ( rank 2 ) , game play( rank 2 ) , main characters ( rank 2) , villain ( rank 3) , story ( rank 2 )

4 Final Fantasy VII ( battle system( rank 4 ) , game play ( rank 4) , main characters ( rank 4) , villain ( rank 4) , story ( rank 3 )

5 FF X ( for battle system ( rank 5) , game play ( rank 5 ) and story (rank 4) , main characters ( rank 5 ) villain ( rank 6 )

6 FF VIII for battle system ( rank 6) game play ( rank 6) story ( rank 5) main characters ( rank 6) villain ( rank 5)
Just a question, why gameplay and battle system are separate categories?


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May 2, 2016
Ah, I know I'm gonna get flack for some of my top ten choices for story, as each has merits and faults with gameplay...

1: Tactics
2: XII
3: X/X-2
4: VII
6: Type-0
7: Dirge of Cerberus
8: Crisis Core
9: VI
10: XV


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Oct 26, 2013

no order of preference

first i played was FFV (without clearing), then went to PS1 titles, for some reason i don't remember them too fondly

i did something crazy and decided to play FFXIII and FFVI at the same time, then did the same with FFXIII-2 and FFV; was surprised at the similarities tbh, the first two don't have a "protagonist" and each character have a speciality in battle, the other two have the craziest stories in the franchise and wacky humor.

in the end, FFVI is definitely the best FF title for me.

and u guys need to try FFXIV, it's a legit FF game
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Feb 2, 2017
I don't think I've played 10 installments yet..but I can do a top 3.
1. FFXV (the ultimate bromance that kept my attention for 10 years)
2. FFXIII (loved the story and combat)
3. FFVIII (boss soundtrack)
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Shin Kazama

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Oct 30, 2013
1. VII
3. VI
4. Crisis Core
5. FF Tactics (PSX)
6. IX
7. X
8. XII
10. Dirge of Cerberus


Mar 18, 2015
My favorite games in the franchise are FFXIIILR, X-2 and FFXII IZJS. I'm a huge proponent of gameplay in my JRPGs, and these games are extremely solid.

If I had to rank my top 3 games overall:
3. FFVI or FFX (can never decide between the two lol).