Your top most anticipated games of 2016

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In less than 3 weeks we are approaching the end of 2015, this year we have seen many announcement for many games that will come in 2016, either because they were delayed for that year or are coming in that year, so what are your most anticipated titles of 2016 ? If possible give some reasons and remember, games confirmed to be released on 2016 or targeted on 2016 only.

As the thread creator, here are my picks :

Game from my favourite franchise of all time ?checked. RPG ?checked. Action type gameplay ?checked. Good aesthetics ?checked.Developed by SE ?checked. Long time in waiting list (9years) ?checked. After its re-reveal in E3 2013 and all the hype it generated we went all that year up to TGS 2014 with very little update until in September and onward we started to get some more info and updates on where the game standed, which would later become very discussted and divisive in the upcoming months. 2015 has been a very crazy roller coster (for better or worse) from the reveal of many behind the scenes details of the development to some divisive announcements and moves, i personally liked it, i have high expectations for this game in many regards and i have hope that it will meet most of them. The team behind it knows the pressuare that this game have on its shoulder and are aware of it and they are giving it all in this game.
I truly believe that a new FINAL FANTASY saga will start from XV.

The third game from the master Fumito Ueda and Team ICO, being the next game after the hits & cult classic games that Shadow of the Colossus and ICO became, without a doubt there´s a lot of pressuare in the title to meet expectations with such impactful & meaningful legacy and the time it passed since E3 2009. After years of blackout, no signals of coming out and cancelation rumors the game was in similar position that the FFXV used to be pre-E3 2013, until we meet it again in a faithful E3 2015 in SONY press conference, being nonetheless the first game to be shown. Despite little footage being shown, the game already breaths the minimalism and simplicity that characterize Ueda´s design philosophy, archiving a lot with very little, where less equals more, in the current industry where having "handful" of stuffs is a selling point and what many consumers like, this game is underappreciated jewel.

The next installment in the PERSONA series, this time focused on the hardships of modern-day society and featuring characters that are restrained by the rules set by the society, turning this game in the one that would have the most social commentary and criticism of the franchise and with its growing popularity after PERSONA 3 & PERSONA 4, highly ranking among JRPGs fans hungry for traditional turn-based combat and for adding dating sim mechaniques in the mix.

Sequel to the 2012 game that brought back the Stealth genre back on the field, bringing us 15 years later after the events of the previous game, this time giving us the possibilty to either to play either as Emily or Corvo (gender equallity ladies and gentlemen ;)). Not too much is know about the game but we should definetely keep an eye on this game.

Coming almost 8 years after the arcade release of STREET FIGHTER IV, the successor is coming in February to take again its crown as the leader in the competitive fighting scenario. I´m very interested in joining the fighting nerd club :oops:.

Interesting Concept and i like it, that´s all i would say, can´t say much more, need more videos.

Unnecesary long name aside, this game would be the equivalent of MGSGround Zero to KHIII, plus more lore to the already convoluted lore of the franchise.

Reimagination/Remake from the first game in the series, just a fun wacky game that i´m interested in seeing how the reimaging it.

What are your most anticipated games for 2016 ? Please write them down.​
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Dec 27, 2014
As for now, I'm only counting games that come out on platforms I actually own. So, whilst I may be excited for, say, The Last Guardian or The Legend of Zelda, I own neither a PS4 nor a Wii U. So, only games that will be out on PC, PS3, Vita or 3DS. Without further ado...

Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past

Ah yes. DQ VII. Was very excited to hear that this game was remade for 3DS, but the seemingly endless stalling from both SE and Nintendo of Europe has left me worried. After last month's Nintendo Direct, my worries were thrown to the wind though. Now I can finally close the gap between VI and VIII. X we'll probably never see, but, take what you can get.

Odin Sphere Leifthrasir

Odin Sphere back on the PS2 had top-notch presentation and music, and a solid story to boot. The gameplay, however, was severely lacklustre, which is a criticism often applicable to Vanillaware's early work. However, after figuring out how to make good and variable gameplay with their last two endeavours - Dragon's Crown and Muramasa Rebirth: Genroku Legends - they decided to revamp what is probably their most beloved title. And I'm very much on board with that.


This announcement completely flew under my radar at first, and I wonder why. The resurrection of XCOM as a modernized, yet true-to-formula turn-based strategy game was one of the more pleasant things born from a console generation I usually write off with the biggest MEH possible. The fact that it's getting a sequel is a good thing.

Cosmic Star Heroine

I consider Zeboyd Games to be one of the most talented studios under the sun. They brought back the awesome feeling 16-bit jRPGs had with original titles such as Breath of Death VII and Cthulu Saves the World, as well as two installments of the Penny Arcade Adventures series. Now, they leave fantasy and neo-noir steampunk behind to go for a space opera in the vein of Lunar or Star Ocean. It probably won't go boldly where no one's gone before, but hijinx will ensue for certain.


Speaking of bringing back awesome feelings, Yooka-Laylee is also a thing that's supposed to happen. As someone who had Rareware's N64 games as an integral part of his youth, this is a throwback I am most excited for.

Bravely Second: End Layer

I've talked at length about games to come all throughout 2016, let's mention a game that is coming out early this year - the Sequel to 2013's Bravely Default. The game got a lot of flack because of its "troll gameplay", but I thoroughly enjoyed the ride and am legitimately sold on the sequel.

Life is Strange - Complete

More of an honorary mention, seeing how this will likely crowd the GotY lists. I have not played it yet though and thus, I can't wait to finally get my hands on the Limited Edition with all five Episodes when it hits in January.
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