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Knight of Death
Denizens of Mognet. Readers of Nova Crystallis. Spillovers from NeoGAF. And citizens of other similar internet communities.

You all have usernames on here, and to me, they're typically obscure and most likely reference something that I - an uncultured heathen - am not very familiar with.

So what's the story behind the username of your choice? Where has it come from?

Being the OP, I may as well start with mine. I first set foot on a Final Fantasy-related forum many years ago (at least it feels like a long time ago for me. This was around maybe early 2009) as Stella Nox Fleuret. This being a site that allows members to regularly change their usernames, for no concrete reason I decided to jettison most of the character's name and shorten it down to the current and simple Fleur. And I've stuck with it since. It's hardly a profound username origin I admit, but it's somewhat further up the ladder than if I had called myself xXxepicgamergurl<3xX.

Additionally, it's hilarious hearing other people attempt to pronounce the name. "Flu-ugh" and "Flee-urr" seem to be the common results. Interestingly, many people have trouble just spelling it. I've lost count the number of times I've seen this simple five-letter name reconstructed as "Fluer".
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Sep 26, 2013
The basement
The story behind mine started when I played Shadow Hearts: Covenant, I mentioned how in the thread I made about the series too but i'll mention it hear for accessability:

One boss was named Tsukiyomi, and the name stuck with me ever since, then I saw Tsukuyomi in Naruto, and even a anime series with a character with the name. I use it as often as I can, but it must be a semi popular username, or someone in this world can read my mind and does it to spite me,


UFFSite Veteran
Nov 22, 2013
Kanagawa, Japan
I came up with this name when I was 11 joining uff9, though it was originally FinChan. Later it had variations like Nurse Fin or FINFIN XE-34 :p

I decided to go with just "Fin" for simplicity's sake this time.


PSICOM Soldier
Sep 27, 2013
First boss of the first Final Fantasy game, and final limit break of my favorite Final Fantasy character. I use the name on just about everything these days unless I'm making a character in an RPG game, then I use the name Dravion.


Balamb Garden Freshman
Sep 28, 2013
When I was first setting up my Xbox Live account on my 360, this name was auto-generated for me. I thought it was amazing and started using it for my other accounts ever since.


Site Staff
Sep 26, 2013
When I was first setting up my Xbox Live account on my 360, this name was auto-generated for me. I thought it was amazing and started using it for my other accounts ever since.
Hah, that's pretty great! My roommate did the same, and got the name RemoveableHorse. You can guess what username he uses now ;D

as for mine, it's a combo of the word 'gaia' and part of my last name. Nothing too special.
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Sep 26, 2013
Vincent Valentine's ultimate weapon, chosen when I was much younger on a different Final Fantasy fan community altogether. Unlike other names chosen when I was that old, this one aged pretty well and I've grown fond enough of it to keep reusing it. It puts forth a grim message that probably doesn't fit me too well, but hell, I'm just vain enough to enjoy that.


Clan Centurio Member
Oct 4, 2013
World B
My username has the most hilariously bad origin ever. Seriously.
So. I like storms. So I took Storm, and I threw random numbers at the end that happen to be in order with one missing. Not kidding. Cue the laughter.


Stiltzkin's Apprentice
UFFSite Veteran
Sep 28, 2013
I kinda forgot I was a UFF member before the forums got moved.


noxious sunshine is actually the s/n of an old friend of mine that I used to be very close to (for my birthday, she actually scored a Squall necklace on eBay and had it shipped to me as a surprise one year. I was incredibly shocked and touched.) We lost contact, but I still think about this person quite often. I remembered that they used this screen name and took it over. It fits me, I think. That's really all there is to it.


Balamb Garden Freshman
Nov 17, 2013
South Africa
My username came to me a few years back when I had to create an alias for some poker site I use to play on. I started dwelling on usernames I could use, and two came to mind (Squall and Zell) . These two names somehow led me to my famous "7z7" I now use today. The end :)


Oct 10, 2013
My nickname comes from a game I once played but never actually finished; one of female characters gave that 'name' to the playable character because her previous boyfriend with whom she broke up shared the name with him or something like that. It comes from Hawaian and means "the seeker" which kind of suits me.

And Fleur, I pronounce your 'name' similarly as one would pronounce 'flare', but instead of saying the letter 'r' I just leghten the letter 'e': fle: