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Sep 26, 2013
List some youtubers you watch and give a brief description of what their channel is about.

AlphaOmegaSin: Metalhead who rants and talks about videogames.

Pat the NES Punk: Comedic reviews of NES games, podcasts about gaming stuff, retro focused. Good tips on collecting.

Cinemassacre: Angry Video Game Nerd, Mike and James & Mike Mondays(they play retro videogames) and other stuff, retro focused.

Smooth McGroove: Acapella arrangements of video game songs.

PeteDorr: Reviews, Collection Updates, and General Video Game talk.

The Game Chasers: Retro game hunters who travel all over the place to find games. Good tips on collecting.

Metal Jesus Rocks: Ex-Sierra employee who talks about video games. Lots of retro stuff.

Pro Jared: Gaming reviews and funny gaming videos.

GameXplain: Analysis videos, discussion videos, reviews, previews and a bunch of other neat stuff.

FYI: This doesn't have to be gaming focused. ;)


Knight of Death
Occasionally, if I've my laptop in the background and I'm ambling around doing something like the ironing, I just visit a music channel on Youtube instead of whipping out the iPod or put Spotify on. It can be a Vevo channel, or it can be a channel with a certain genre niche, and I leave some tracks playing in the background. Let's pick random examples:
  • Biffy Clyro - Here you'll find his music videos and his bits of live performances. For anyone just discovering him, please enjoy.
  • The Script Vevo - Likewise the above, though I wager The Script is a lot more widely known than Biffy, as Danny O'Donoghue has essentially been everywhere since they first garnered huge success in 2008.
  • The Common Linnets Vevo - I discovered this Dutch band (which was then a short-lived duo) in the Eurovision of all places, and amidst the madness and the crap, they stood out with their country entry. They're predominantly country (a genre I generally don't listen to), but of the noticeably softer side of country. It does remind me a bit of old Fleetwood Mac songs; both artists - even if one has left the band on frosty terms since - have their own tracks where they individually dominate and shine, rather than a simple duet effort as you'd expect.
  • Indie Current - The Youtube middleman between talented, albeit unknown independent artists, and listeners at home.
Bart Baker is another channel I visit. He parodies contemporary popular pop music, and he will brighten your day if you have ever randomly desired one day to see a man dress up and act like Miley Cyrus or Nicki Minaj.

Away from music, here are some random channels I watch/have watched in the past.

AWE Me - aka "Man At Arms". The guy essentially makes weapons for Hollywood films, and this Youtube channel has him and his team constructing real versions of fictional weapons. For Square fans, he's already made the Keyblade, the Buster Sword, and Sephiroth's Masamune. Beyond that, he's constructed a bunch of things from the diamond sword in Minecraft to the Klingon Bat'leth. Amazing channel.

WatchMojo - In the event that I'm bored, WatchMojo is there to provide me with top 10 topics of the most random subjects, from best guitar riffs to best national anthems.

CupcakeJemma - As you can perhaps deduce from the name of the channel, there are cakes involved. She provides recipes for various cakes - a lot of them themed, or are rather outlandish - and she goes through the process of baking them. If you're obsessed with cakes, here's a channel for you. Before you ask, I don't know why she has that many tattoos either.

Armoured Skeptic - As a reasonable agnostic-atheist, I have absolutely no qualms with Christianity or believers of any other faith unless 1) you force your faith down my throat, and/or 2) you have little to no critical thinking ability, lack much understanding, and you completely strawman the arguments put forward by atheists. So Armoured Skeptic here attacks the arguments put forward by lunatics, ranging from a random guy online, to a man who supposedly has a PhD in...something. And he does it in a jovial, approachable way, appearing in the form of a man in a suit wearing greaves and a helmet.

liarpoliticians - the actual person controlling the channel is so obviously pro-UKIP that he gets on my tits, but his actual work is quite good for someone like me who keeps close tabs with British politics. He posts clips of things that politicians say, and viewers can use these clips for posterity reasons the next time they lie. Often, the clips can be hilarious, particularly a hapless MP attempts to explain policy detail, but winds up babbling in a panicked manner something incoherent.

As for gaming, well, there aren't that many I watch, surprisingly enough.

ProJared - Squirrel has said it.

Yogscast Hannah - She essentially plays through certain major triple-A releases, while occasionally diving into Telltale games. I'm currently on her channel for the Watch Dogs videos, because I've lost the willpower to chug on through the game myself. I'll probably also wait for her channel to cover Assassin's Creed: Rogue in the near future as well, because I'm not picking up the game.

Jim Sterling - His channel started off...well, shit to be honest. They were largely unfunny joke top 10 lists, and I wondered why he was bothering. But, his channel has since evolved to tackle its own niche; playing the worst Steam Greenlight trailers, and sampling some of the most putrid pieces of slop to ever find their way onto the Steam store itself.


Knight of Death
Forgot to mention greenyxi.

It's a very modest channel, and our Rick Astley Welsh lookalike would perhaps love to have a few more views. He's a friend of mine...sorta, and his work is primarily to do with the games he loves, typically JRPGs, and his running Let's Play series. He doesn't quite have the production values of someone like Angry Joe, but he's a lovely guy who wouldn't be out of place here in Mognet, if I can call him over.


PSICOM Soldier
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Aug 19, 2014
San Diego
I'm really surprised that none of my Youtubers overlap with anybody here. I thought that everyone I really like is pretty mainstream, but I guess none of them are video-game related:

Natalie Tran:
Charlie McDonnell:
Ed Stockham:
Bo Burnham:

Natalie Tran is kind of an actress who plays all different parts. Charlie McDonnell is an aspiring short film-maker and sometimes musician. Ed Stockham is an artist and animator. Bo Burnham is a comedian who sometimes raps or plays songs and has an okay book of poetry.

Wazi the pa

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Oct 26, 2013
AlphaOmegaSin - Metal Head Gamer who fancies Japanese games as well (Game the fuck on :D)

TheCompletionist (That One Video Gamer) - Creates 'Completionist' episodes of the games he plays and completes 100%. He plays all sorts of games.

Boogie2988 - A gamer who makes vlogs based on whats happening in the video game industry and such. Consider the dude as a wise person when it comes to video games in general.

AngryJoeShow - A gamer who makes angry rants on his video reviews and such. His review are very detailed so if you're in ever need of a proper opinion of one game, he's the guy fro you.

PeanutButterGamer - A person who talks about video games with his opinions. He's funny as well.

JohnTron - A person who talks about video games with his opinions. He's funny as well.

ProJared - A person who talks about video games with his opinions. He's funny as well.

Game Theorists - A group of gamers conjuring theories related to video games & the video game industry.

Back Nerd Comedy - A 'Black nerd' (youtuber's words not mine) who talks about games, movies, shows. Basically, all that media entertainment kind of nerdy stuff..... Except music.

Smooth McGroove - A video gamer who makes videos of acapellas of video game music.

The Warp Zone - A comedian of gamers.

I just watch youtube videos thats video game related in general. :D

Prince Naphtali

Dec 23, 2013
Tetraninja an Hcbailly are the main two that I watch. I only watch SeraphimBahamut, Aloyalgamer, Kykiske7, Kenshin1914, DaveTheUsher and WhitemageSerenia For certain Games.