Yusuke Naora leaves Square-Enix after 24 years of working at the company.

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Nov 22, 2013
Sad news. Well good for him now that he isn't confined by SE anymore. I hope he could return to work on future FF titles as a freelancer. :)


White SeeD
May 2, 2016
According to FFRing, he is moving away from Square Enix because he wants to be closer to his family in Izumo, Shimaine, which as you can see if you look it up is a very long way from SQEX's facilities in Tokyo.

And according to FFRing and FFDream, Naora will continue to work in video game art as a freelancer, and assures that he will be involved in Square Enix projects in that capacity. So no need to fear, Naora's work is not gone forever from SQEX. It's just going the same kind of direction as Akihiko Yoshida, becoming an available and friendly freelance.