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So how are you guys killing time?
Playing some Final Fantasy IX mostly.
Playing videogames....and I'm getting kinda burnout.
Likes: Storm
I've been finding this a great opportunity to learn something or do exercises at home... I progressed more on the guitar these last few weeks than the entirety of last year.

Its easier to be focused when there's nothing to do outside.

Im also playing Mobius FF and getting at the end of the story before the shutdown.
Likes: Nova
Angels Egg (1985), insanely beautiful japanese animated movie with the art of our beloved Yoshitaka Amano. The imagery and its somber ambiance is full of implicit meaning, spoken dialogue is minimal.

Theories of this movie are so different from each other, but all of them makes sense.

I have to watch this again, very few times a movie captivates me this much.