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Anyone else think the soundtrack to 13 Sentinels Aegis Rim is incredible? It's one of the few soundtracks I can listen to entire without skips and enjoy.
According to SQEX fiscal report, Trials of Mana sold well above their expectations. I think we may see more from the Mana series.
Honestly, I'd be more than comfortable with SE not bothering with announcing XVI at all this year if it meant leading into a date being a year away between it's reveal.
Interesting to see if the latest XVI rumour, which came from someone with previous cred, turns out true or at least half-true. Really want to see what XVI has in store.
Am I the only one feeling the FFVIIR hype died too fast?
No, definitely not. The non-existent post-launch support hasn't helped much either. Not even updates on reported shipments either.

It's a ghost town at this point.
I would put the lack of long-lasting optional content as a factor as well.
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It's only a portion of the game, so I can understand. You can't even make an end all be all conclusion perspective on it yet.
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