kingdom hearts 3

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  1. Lulcielid

    [SPOILERS] Kingdom Hearts 3 - WW Release Thread

    The game is finally out for international fans! Share your experience with the game and what you thought about it.
  2. Lulcielid

    [Spoilers] KH3 Pre-release leaks discussion thread

    Just 40 days before release bits of Kingdom Hearts 3 get leaked.Discuss the leaks here. Everything will be untagged. ------ When the game officially releases there will another spoiler thread to discuss the full game properly.
  3. BladeRunner

    New KH3 trailer at Orchestra World Tour

    After lowering our expectations to absolute nothing, they drop this. Glorious.
  4. Lulcielid

    KINGDOM HEARTS III - General News Discussion Thread

    Since this game is starting to reveal new information in the upcoming events, i think it should be good to have a single thread, collecting all possible informations here, the same way we are doing with FFXV. Here is the most recent one ...