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  1. SonOfEtro

    Mainline Final Fantasy Composer - Who Shall Be Next?

    Music is one of the key elements of the entire Final Fantasy franchise, and it has enabled the series to gain repute beyond the confines of mere games. From Uematsu to Shimomura, the mainline Final Fantasy titles have showcased the abilities of multiple composers, who have in turn often also...
  2. DailyFillup

    Why Nobuo Uematsu Must be Involved in FFVII Remake Music

    Hey everyone - this is my first thread here. I made this video to put into words why I think Nobuo Uematsu should be involved in the FFVII Remake. I've had lots of people agreeing with me, but also those who favor Shimomura to arrange for the Final Fantasy VII Remake, Ishimoto, even Okabe or...