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  1. A

    Review: Dragon Quest VII

    Title: Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the forgotten Past Developer: ArtePiazza Release: 7 February 2013 (JP)|16 September 2016 (EU, NA)|17 September 2016 (AU) Published by: Square Enix (JP)|Nintendo (EU, NA, AU) System: Nintendo 3DS Dragon Quest VII may well be one of the best JRPG about time...
  2. BladeRunner

    What is Nintendo trying to achieve with 1-2-Switch?

    Okay, I get that some of them may be fun party games, but some are just... WTF Nintendo? And the winner:
  3. Lulcielid

    Nintendo Switch Revealed

    Nintendo of America tweeted the following Not a Nitendo fan myself but I´m interested in this new console (or whatever it might be) that will the market next year. This post will be updated as more details becomes available (or someone can do this, I´m not all day on my computer). EDIT...