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  1. Lulcielid

    Could Noctis (& Co) come to KH3?

    In a recent Famitsu issue it was revealed that japanese fans are anticipating Noctis to appear on KH3. What's your opinion on the matter?
  2. Claire Johnsson

    Final Fantasy XV "Will You Be There?" GMV (SPOILERS)

    Hello there i just wanted to share my Final Fantasy XV GMV. It contains spoilers if you haven't completed chapter 12 in game so I advise you not to watch it if you haven't :)! I hope you all will like it and if you got any critics bout the video i would love to hear it so that i can make the...
  3. Jubileus

    Ch13+14: Niflheim &The Origin of Daemons Story Finds

    Replayed Ch13 recently and I decided to do a more thorough investigation of the labs and rooms in this part of the game. Learned some very interesting story parts concerning daemons and the Niflheim Empire from research notes and through Arydn's trolling and so I'm gonna post them all here...
  4. A

    Is the Ring of Lucii truly overpowered?

    Hey guys, I made a video on my thoughts of the ring of lucii! I hope you guys enjoy! Feel free to disagree/agree and comment! Thanks!
  5. mozzafaralj

    Final Fantasy XV Fan Made Trailer

    Final Fantasy XV Fan Made Trailer Nier Automata Song