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  1. AnGer-dono

    A rant about Square Enix's european online store

    So, this happened to me recently, over what amounts to the last month. Buckle up, this is sort-of weird and may end up quite rant-ish, but I feel like this stuff is something worth talking about at length and since this is a Square Enix centric forum, I figured why not. In case you were...
  2. SonOfEtro

    SaGa: Scarlet Grace discussion thread

    Here we are. Now it's been confirmed for a Western release, I think it's time to begin a thread for that most incredible of games; SaGa: Scarlet Grace. The twelfth entry in the SaGa series, co-developed by Square Enix Business Division 3 and Studio Reel, and written and designed by series...
  3. AnGer-dono

    Octopath Traveler

    Developed by: Acquire, Square Enix Published by: Square Enix (JP), Nintendo (WW) Release: July 13, 2018 Systems: Nintendo Switch exclusive Genre: Neo-Retro role-playing game Key artwork by Akihiko Yoshida: Originally announced on January 13 2017, during the Nintendo Switch Event,Project...
  4. Lulcielid

    Left Alive (Square Enix, PS4/Steam, 2019)

    Developer: Square-Enix Director: Toshifumi Nabeshima Producer: Shinji Hashimoto Character Design: Yoji Shinkawa Composer: Hidenori Iwasaki Japanese Website. Tokyo Game Show 2017 reveal teaser: Screenshoots: What is it about? LEFT ALIVE™ is a brand-new survival action shooter coming to the...
  5. AnGer-dono

    Review: Dragon Quest VII

    Title: Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the forgotten Past Developer: ArtePiazza Release: 7 February 2013 (JP)|16 September 2016 (EU, NA)|17 September 2016 (AU) Published by: Square Enix (JP)|Nintendo (EU, NA, AU) System: Nintendo 3DS Dragon Quest VII may well be one of the best JRPG about time...
  6. BladeRunner

    SE announces new RPG project from "Tales of" producer Hideo Baba

    Square Enix establishes Studio Istolia for new RPG “Project Prelude Rune” Hideo Baba talks new project in Famitsu
  7. H

    Kingdom Hearts games should come to Steam

    I think it should totally happen because it would really expand the Kingdom Hearts fan base due to more people getting to play KH and not having a buy a console to do it, I propose a release similar to Final Fantasy XIII Trilogy where they release the Dark Seeker Saga as a trilogy after they...
  8. LeonBlade

    Share your Final Fantasy Legacy

    With Final Fantasy XV coming out in just a few weeks, Square Enix invited fans, developers and special guests alike to share their stories on how Final Fantasy has impacted their lives. Much like the games in the series, each of us has our own story to tell, young and old, from all around the...
  9. SonOfEtro

    The Miracle Trio: Three Games That Beat the Odds

    I think the next couple of years will be the culmination of a weird and wonderful time for us gamers. This is especially true because, after nearly a decade of waiting, three anticipated titles will finally be brought out of the shadows of development hell to stand tall or fall before a very...
  10. SonOfEtro

    Square Enix Subseries; Opinion(s)

    I think everyone whose had contact with the Final Fantasy series this century knows that their attempts at subseries have met with decidedly mixed responses due to a variety of circumstances. Compilation of Final Fantasy VII, Fabula Nova Crystallis Final Fantasy (and by extension the Final...
  11. Lulcielid

    Crossover game between Square-Enix and another Dev - Brainstorm ideas

    What Square-Enix IPs would you like to crossover with another Studio IPs? What kind of game would it be? I personally would like to see a fighting game, more precisely Capcom vs Square-Enix!! Which I find really funny how this hasn´t happened yet, considering all the VS crossovers that Capcom...
  12. SonOfEtro

    E3 Wish List

    Only fifteen days left before the biggest mainstream gaming event on Earth, with all the big developers and publishers in attendance. Everyone's got their favorites that they want to be there, and everyone's got their dreams of what should be there. After last year's E3 did the seemingly...
  13. AnGer-dono

    NieR Automata (Square Enix + Platinum Games)

    Announced earlier at the Square Enix press conference. Staff: Yosuke Saito (Producer) Akihiko Yoshida (Character Design) Takihisa Taura (Game Designer - worked on Metal Gear Rising and Anarchy Reigns) Keiichi Okabe (Composer) Taro Yoko (Director) Game will be exclusive to the PS4, more...