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  1. Lulcielid

    Square-Enix & Marvel partnership announced to develop multiple games

    http://gematsu.com/2017/01/square-enix-marvel-announce-multi-game-partnership-leading-avengers-project What other games would you like to come out of this partnership?
  2. Lulcielid

    Crossover game between Square-Enix and another Dev - Brainstorm ideas

    What Square-Enix IPs would you like to crossover with another Studio IPs? What kind of game would it be? I personally would like to see a fighting game, more precisely Capcom vs Square-Enix!! Which I find really funny how this hasn´t happened yet, considering all the VS crossovers that Capcom...
  3. Lulcielid

    Square Enix announces Flame x Blaze

    Source: Gematsu Edit: It's a iOS/Android game https://twitter.com/SHAR_ONLINE/status/776273787725619200