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  1. Wazi the pa

    Games with canonical storylines and games with multiple story branches

    I think it's a given that many of you people have played a lot of video games. From RPGs and first person shooters, to action-adventure and platformers, you get into them for a number of reasons. But let's dive into one reason for this thread discussion: Story in video games, specifically the...
  2. LeonBlade

    Share your Final Fantasy Legacy

    With Final Fantasy XV coming out in just a few weeks, Square Enix invited fans, developers and special guests alike to share their stories on how Final Fantasy has impacted their lives. Much like the games in the series, each of us has our own story to tell, young and old, from all around the...
  3. Wazi the pa

    What if FFVII Remake changes up the story?

    Before popping up unwanted complaints, of course they can't change too much of the story otherwise it wouldn't necessarily be FFVII all in all.... But what if they could change some sections (as well as add some) that would ultimately make us to welcome it for the remake just as the majority...