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  1. Lulcielid

    Square Enix announces Flame x Blaze

    Source: Gematsu Edit: It's a iOS/Android game
  2. Trinity

    FFXV : On Luna's Location

    Hello, everyone. : ^ ) This is my first real post around here, so please, do bear with me and my mistakes. I've been reading all avaible info I could come across regarding FFXV, and there's a lot of nice tidbits, some footage, VS comparisons and solid speculation. But there's a point, or rather...
  3. Wazi the pa

    Persona Special Stage TGS 2015 (Persona 5)

    Atlus will be livestreaming their Special Stage event on their NicoNico channel. The livestream will take place on September 19th from 2:30pm JST to 3:30pm JST. If anybody is looking forward to the Active Time Report of FFXV, be warned that the ATR will overlap with Atlus' special event...
  4. Lulcielid


    Just like we have been doing previously, this is the thread for anything FINAL FANTASY XV from TOKYO GAME SHOW. With the event only being 3 weeks away, i made this thread in preparation for the event. See you posting later. :happymog: Here is the link to the livestream.