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So...Project Prelude Rune's vanished from the internet. Rebranded? Rebooted? Cancelled? Who knows at this stage...
Its ironic how barely anyone will bat an eye at a JRPG scoring low 80s unless its a mainline FF....
I think that's because FF has unrealistic expectations attached to the brand ever since the world went mad for VII. Nothing seems able to match that, but people won't drop the idea that FF needs to reach that point again. It doesn't. It's moved on from that into another era, where the future's uncertain. I'm more puzzled that Dragon Quest keeps getting such high scores when it hasn't properly evolved in decades.
@SonOfEtro Dragon Quest keeps getting high scores because they're still good games. Not every series needs to completely revamp itself with every release to be considered such; never mind the fact that DQ's installments do iterate various aspects of the game from title to title while still maintaining an essential core to the series.
@SonOfEtro I'd argue, frankly, that Dragon Quest's path is more viable to be given the moniker of "evolution" - a slow, incremental process - than Final Fantasy's, which is more built around ideas of non-continuity and radical revamping nowadays and perhaps "cyclical revolution" would be the phrase behooving that more.
Dont care about the hate, I still think XIII games offered the most inventive and original settings, designs, OSTs and mythology in the franchise.
Well, a new PC's on its way to me, to replace my 8-year-old PC. Though I feel a severe pain in the wallet. Hope it was worth it.
After KH3, i really can't help myself but chuckle at anyone vehemently holding belief that Stella would have been an extremely well-written main heroine under Nomura.
My decision to push Gamefaqs out of my browsing experience has been a good one upon revisiting it recently.
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