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  1. NemesisSP

    Criticisms About Luna (Spoilers)

    To start off with, this is NOT ABOUT STELLA! Stella is not going to be brought up after this point. I miss Stella, I wish to see more of her, but Luna has to stand on her own as a character. I think Hajime Tabata's big mistake was trying to make a "better" Stella and not making Luna her own...
  2. Lulcielid

    Fixing FF8 Junction System ideas

    Junction System and how to fix it Final Fantasy VIII customization system, this was a sytem that can store 32 different forms of Magic with a stock of 100 units of each form. The system acts as a type of filter, filtering out magic (known as drawing) from a being or entity and storing it ready...
  3. LeonBlade

    FINAL FANTASY XV Debug Menu Analysis

    :ffpointer: FINAL FANTASY XV Debug Menu Analysis :chocowalk: POTENTIAL SPOILER WARNING :chocowalk: The following content comes from the debug menus shown in the recent "Real-Time Technologies of FINAL FANTASY XV Battles" footage from SIGGRAPH 2016. The content shown in this thread may contain...
  4. Lulcielid

    Kingdom Hearts II: Beyond the X Button (gameplay analysis)

    Interesting look at the combar system of KINGDOM HEARTS II, how the game plays and how the game explains to the player how it plays. Original Review by Youtube user MieDAX