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  1. Noktis.Ouji

    Upcoming Remakes and possibilities of them

    Since FFVIIR is already on and well in development.. rumours have spread around about what's next.. To add to that Mr. Katano, director of XII, had a comment earlier saying: “[Final Fantasy 12] is a PS2 title, and you look at the other titles in the series and technologically anything before...
  2. Noktis.Ouji

    A Moral Lesson to take

    Final Fantasy games always carry moral lessons .. Name yours .. in XV or previous ones :)
  3. Lulcielid

    Fixing FF8 Junction System ideas

    Junction System and how to fix it Final Fantasy VIII customization system, this was a sytem that can store 32 different forms of Magic with a stock of 100 units of each form. The system acts as a type of filter, filtering out magic (known as drawing) from a being or entity and storing it ready...