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  1. Claire Johnsson

    Final Fantasy XV "Will You Be There?" GMV (SPOILERS)

    Hello there i just wanted to share my Final Fantasy XV GMV. It contains spoilers if you haven't completed chapter 12 in game so I advise you not to watch it if you haven't :)! I hope you all will like it and if you got any critics bout the video i would love to hear it so that i can make the...
  2. NemesisSP

    Criticisms About Luna (Spoilers)

    To start off with, this is NOT ABOUT STELLA! Stella is not going to be brought up after this point. I miss Stella, I wish to see more of her, but Luna has to stand on her own as a character. I think Hajime Tabata's big mistake was trying to make a "better" Stella and not making Luna her own...
  3. Trinity

    FFXV : On Luna's Location

    Hello, everyone. : ^ ) This is my first real post around here, so please, do bear with me and my mistakes. I've been reading all avaible info I could come across regarding FFXV, and there's a lot of nice tidbits, some footage, VS comparisons and solid speculation. But there's a point, or rather...