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  1. Jubileus

    FFXV Episode DLC and Story Update Thread

    Just thought I'd create a separate thread to discuss this stuff openly. This includes speculation over future updates and storylines for the DLC that aren't out yet, as well as discussion regarding the DLC and updates that are already out (these must be put in spoiler tags) Playing the chp13...
  2. APZonerunner

    Mognet Updates Aug '16

    Some minor updates for August. We'll try to push a larger update before the game releases. Here's what's new: A bunch of changes in the back-end for security, spam reduction, and all that sort of stuff. Better compatability with the Microsoft Edge browser. Fixed some transparency bugs across...
  3. APZonerunner

    Mognet Updates Mar '16

    Some minor updates for the start of March. Here we go: For the first time ever Mognet now has two countdown timers. One, of course, is to FF15's release. The other is currently pointing to E3, and will change to point to other FF and RPG related events as they're announced. The E3 countdown...
  4. APZonerunner

    Mognet Updates: Jan '16

    Hello everyone! Thanks for sticking around on Mognet. I've pushed some updates to the boards. Not much to write home about this time, but here's what's new: Improvements to User Log In/Registration via Facebook, Google and Twitter. Better compatibility with the new Microsoft Edge Browser, for...