ATR Translation Thread

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May 25, 2016
Level 120, I'm liking that.

You know, I was thinking to myself the other day... what in the world am I going to do with 99 rare coins/debased coins/debased banknotes (only have 14 silverpieces for some reason). Don't want to sell them... but the answers are now here :)
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Feb 2, 2017
That's fine, it's not exactly perfect English though as I rushed to type it out :/ But sure go ahead.
Thank you, just posted it up and linked back to your profile as well as giving you credits. Much appreciated!
I'm looking forward to 120 level myself. Sitting at 99 as been rather dull? Like why keep killing these enemies that appear for no reward (plus I was 99 going into the Menace quests so a lot of potential EXP was wasted there)


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Feb 2, 2017
These answers... make no sense.
It's Tabata...he makes no sense at times :/ Example when asked about the ending in previous interviews he stated he left it ambiguous for the player to determine what happens. While those are great in some games I don't really like the open end to it? I want closure as I'm sorta left to keep wallowing in despair.

Flash Over

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Mar 7, 2015
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Pointless shitshow, no comments.

What about new cutscenes? Oh yeah, fuck roadmap that you already announced.
Did you bother reading the roadmap? The new cutscenes are part of the MID-TERM goal. Chapter 13 nerf was the short term goal, which we are getting next then, this will have taken four months of development time.

Assuming that the cutscenes are coming in abundance, it would be unrealistic to expect them to be developed, voiced, translated (at least ten times) and dubbed (three times), debugged and patched in at least before the end of the summer.


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Oct 7, 2016
The no phone to communicate between Noctis and Luna does make sense in a "romancing each other in private" kinda way.

Laugh at me all you want but I... uh, used to write love letters to my significant other and they'd write back. Yes this happens in the 21st century cuz fuck those shallow text messages and I'm a young oldie (yes that does make sense if you read into it properly).

So Noctis and Luna communicating that way isn't weird since it's a private thing between the two and not something for outsiders to understand.

Just think of it like an inside joke... but it's meant to be a "romantic", or "special", or something like that instead of humorous.

The hiding riches answer however, made zero sense. I always thought that they honestly just didn't have a lot of money on them. Cid took all the money they had on them for repairs didn't he?
Aug 14, 2016
All over
I'm still waiting for my Level 1 NG+, but obviously SE doesn't cater to the desires of a humble musician posting on a message board.

The updates seem reasonable enough, and the DLCs look interesting. Not sure why they're bothering implementing an off-road car in a game not designed for it, though I suspect it's more of a technical exercise to mature the Luminous Studio tooling and codebase.

Good sell-through numbers as well.


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Oct 7, 2016
Legit question but are people actually demanding that they be able to drive off road? Like, is it a real demand that actually needs to be addressed since there's so many people asking for it?

It's not a concern I've seen a lot online since I hear more concerns raised for story and the map.

Personally I want most of their focus on story updates that really strengthen the games presentation and map expansions.

PC mods, creating quests, multiplayer and avatar creation systems aren't relevant nor are they needed imo since I think they're a waste of resources but that's just me.


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Feb 2, 2017
@Jubileus I really don't see the need for driving off road( eventhough it would be very nice to have ) but I must say I saw a lot of reviews and rants about FFXV and some of the most common nit-pick that they have is the car, saying it a bad feature, limited the players and such.... and I think the dev team catched on and wanted to try on that.

I also want them to focus more on story, more cutscenes and stuff but they already said thats a mid-term goal so we'll see.

if there are anything, i really want to have a harder difficulty because as of now, the game is too easy to beat if you do sidequests a lot. also there's no penalty for spaming potion after potion, and thats no strategic at all !!! maybe they could have like a 30 second cool down between using items and i think that would enhance the gameplay experience a lot.

Also, MORE COSTUMES !!!! look at the tales of series or xenoblade for example : they have some silly costumes and even some swimsuits, which would be a GREAT and funny additions to the game without doing much work. Hell they can even strip down the 4 guys to their bare skin and I would be fine with it !!! ( im looking at you, daddiolus ). In shorts, MORE COSTUMES !!!!

one thing i want to ask tho, what is dragon mode ?