Final Fantasy VII REMAKE - General News Thread

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It's happening? A FFVII Remake is happening?

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Aug 14, 2016
All over
Finished the game. Took 30 hours, level 37, normal difficulty, did everything I possibly could in one play-through without a guide. I *think* I got everything
including that hidden Corneo door in the sewers. No trophy though.

More thoughts:
  • Chapter 9 was worth the price of admission alone. The scenes, the writing, the atmosphere - easily the high point of the game.
    There was an audible chuckle from me when the cartoon Don gave his approval in the coliseum like Chuck Norris in Dodgeball.
  • The next two chapters, though, wore their welcome out quite quickly.
  • This game's sense of scale is breathtaking - witness the entirety of Chapter 12's climb.
  • The Jessie/Biggs parts didn't really hit me as I thought they might, considering how much time I spent with them in earlier chapters. Strange. But the aftermath of the plate collapsing was nicely done.
  • Whatever the game's faults, they nailed the scene in
    Aerith's house.
  • I'll miss you Johnny.
  • Even into late game, I simply tolerated the battle system. For me, it was more fun playing as anybody else but Cloud.
    Ravus Rufus was a goddamn pain - the true final boss.
  • The rest of the stuff I'll post in the spoiler thread, but I couldn't help but feel the latter chapters were parts rushed, and parts padded out.
Overall, I think I'd rate it as an 8.5 out of 10. The whole endgame was a bit --- weird. Overall, I liked the first half of this game more so than the second half. When the game was recreating scenes from the original, it was magical. The newer stuff was far more a mixed bag. I do applaud the team's ambition and look forward to part 2. Hopefully my daughter won't be in college before then.
Feb 19, 2018
Just beat the game. Clocked in about 69 hours cuz I was scrounging around for all the extra stuff so I think my next playthrough on hard will be quicker since I'll be playing just to play. The story for the most part is amazing. The sense of scale, the sense of pacing, and scene direction are all top tier. The character interactions for the most part are all handled really well and make for a very charming cast of characters. Cloud especially deserves praise because my god, I was so deftly afraid that they were gonna screw him up and go the KH/Advent Children route but after having played through the Remake he is bursting with nuance and a great sense of underlying depth in place of the shallow emo stuff I've seen him be dragged down with for so long. So I'm glad one of my favorite characters in gaming was done justice. Music was great and I found myself really enjoying the new tracks like "Ignition Flame" as well. As for the new stuff added to the story, no doubt courtesy of Nomura, I don't really know how to feel about it but at the least I'm interested in seeing how things develop. It entirely changes up what this Remake is by nature but at the same time I don't think it dishonors the original either. I'll just leave it at that in regards to those elements of the Remake.

Gameplay wise, the bosses were all great. They had a lot of intricate little details within their battles and each one had little gimmicks you could uncover and exploit to get one over on the bosses. They all felt like true events within the story and I loved the visual story telling they worked so hard to create within each major battle as the environment would slowly be destroyed as the fights continued onward. I think the combat gamelay while having issues and things I personally didn't like was overall a pretty solid affair but I'd still like to see some improvements made upon it in the next part. Namely, I'd really like to see a better camera and lock-on system along with a dedicated jump button of some sort.

The lock-on never tracked anything and was very temperamental imo even after changing the settings for it so that it was no longer tied to the camera stick. When I lock-on I expect the camera to actually be following the enemy that I'm locked onto. Camera, especially in tight spaces, would get really wonky a lot of the times and I thought it was super annoying always having to stop and readjust to gain my bearings amidst the clusterfucks caused by that issue. The auto jump also just isn't reliable like 80% of the time so I'd like to be able to freely control that function or at least to remedy it I think the characters should be able to snap onto enemies more aggressively in the air if you're doing a combo while up there like in Kingdom Hearts instead of just floating in space and hitting air as the enemy floats 3 feet to the right thus rendering your whole combo useless.

Overall though while I thought the combat was kinda basic and repetitive for most of the game I think some of the later optional fights do a good job of making you strategize more so that's a good thing. I won't hold it against this game though because tbh whether anyone wants to admit or not most of the FF series is piss easy and repetitive in gameplay up until the optional stuff at the end so it's just standard affairs at this point. Anyways I think the good far outweighs the bad for me in this case and I'm personally interested in seeing where this goes even though I'm not sure if the changes are entirely good or bad at this point. Kinda neutral on it tbh.

I'm gonna give this game a solid 8.5.


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Oct 26, 2013
with 106 reviews counted in on Metacritic, I think we can safely assume the score will settle on the 87-88 range.

great results considering Midgar is not even the tip of the iceberg when it comes to FFVIIs potential. If they don't Nomurify the story too much Part 2 can easily get +90.
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Oct 26, 2017
Costa Rica
Feb 19, 2018
Lol an user of the forum made a post a few days ago analyzing the last chapters, which for several reasons he concluded were rushed and many design decisions pointed-out to Red XIIIs being playable. This confirms it.
Tbh while playable Red XIII would've been cool I think it's not a big loss not having that ability in this part. He comes in pretty much at the tail end of chapter 16 and is only in the party for 2 chapters before the game ends. Unless they were to pad out the ShinRa building to an insane degree (and I can already sense some light padding with the museum segments) I don't think there's much of a point to having Red XIII playable. The original game also introduces party member swapping after the Midgar escape so it makes more sense to include Red XIII in the next part where he'll actually matter gameplay wise and be around for most of the game.

If this were a single standalone game like FFXV then I'd be worried about this stuff being found in the files like playable Luna was but since it's got, at the very least, one more part and a third one if they turn it into a full blown trilogy I'm not too worried as it just means it'll be in the next part and more than likely be more fleshed out too since they can take feedback in between installments and build upon what this part's already established while also (hopefully) redoing things that didn't quite work.