Final Fantasy X HD Remaster Audio Drama - MASSIVE SPOILERS AHEAD!

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Nov 22, 2013
The thing is, FFX and X-2 were corridors, there's a lot to explore!
Oh please. Not corridors again. I hate that word enough.

What is the difference between the audio drama and novel?
Novel is the first and after it comes Audio Drama called Final Fantasy X -Will-. Audio Drama is set in one year after X-2's ending. Yuna being cold, Tidus's immaturity and death, sex case involved in Fayth's creation and Chuami envious of Yuna's boobies, Kurgum in love with Yuna. Everything is a bit out of place. It feels Un"Final Fantasy" :/

here's the link to fully-subbed audio drama link. I guess subtitles in the video are official because original uploader said that he achieved English subs by hacking PS3 firmware .
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