Final Fantasy XV - General News Thread

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Forest Owl
Feb 24, 2018

I'm pretty sure 15 Bahamut comes out of what's supposed to be Dalamud from FF14 lol his sword even drops exactly like one of the ships that falls from Dalamud in the cutscene for A Realm Reborn.
Nov 9, 2020
Hi all, have been lurking in this forum for some years now and would like to make my first post! A while back I posted to Reddit how I would improve the narrative structure of FFXV given the current FFXV universe. I tried to make it something that could happen realistically, so no major rewrites just simple additions, inserts and edits mainly to bring all of the FFXV universe into the singular game format and expand on story elements that needed it. It is a lengthy read but I can assure you that it is worth it as I put some time and thought into it and am proud of how it came through! At the time I posted it was fresh off of my FFXV playthrough consuming all of its media (trailers and novel included) in an appropriate sequential order similar to what can be seen in the post.
If SE/LumiPro would ever come back to this game, especially for its 10th/15th anniversary (2026/2031), and they were to implement at least some of the things I suggested it would completely transform the FFXV experience into a completely different game. And who knows what LumiPro are working on now that Forspoken is due to release and they are now undoubtedly working on their next project...

I know some would rather see a Versus reboot but I don't think that's feasible at this point and I would rather much see Nomura's ideas in KH4/Verum Rex and I think he does as well at this point... XV stands on its own now and has deviated to the point where it has its own identity but has too much of a similar image to Versus, making it redundant to be a thing and potentially a financial liability. I personally am of those that enjoyed the original ideas of Versus and what XV had to offer and unfortunately, both could not be fleshed out, and I wish the day would come that they are in the form of an FFXV COMPLETE so to speak and whatever the future is with KH and Verum Rex.

But anyway thank you if you took the time to read this and the linked post!