Hyrule Warriors

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Sep 26, 2013
Looks like we'll get a couple. If you click the gaf link, the first post has been updated with this information.

September 30 - Free
Free playable three villains
Can turn on/off some cut-scenes. during battles

Hyrule Warriors Master Quest:
October 16th - 1200 Yen
1 new Weapon
New Scenario
Adventure Map
2 Costumes

Twilight Princess
November - 1200 Yen
1 new character
1 new weapon
Adventure Map
2 Costumes

Majora's Mask
January - 1200 Yen
2 new characters
Adventure Map
3 new costumes

Ganon Pack
February - 500 Yen
2 New Game Modes


Keyblade Master
Sep 26, 2013
Oddly, I bought on UK release, but Theatrhythm has actually been taking up all of my time. Will probably play it this weekend.