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Warrior of Light
Oct 9, 2014
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Two days ago I saw Avengers Infinity War.
Semi-Coheren-Nonsensical-Review said:
Infinity Wars was everything it needed to be as a big loud party movie celbrating 10 years of fandom build up, doubling on the humour, the action, the emotions and the characters and doing everything Avengers did in 2012 but bigger.

As a standalone movie is pretty lackluster with little "substance" and lots of spectacle and funny characters but, looking the movie with these lens is missing the point of what Infinity War is and what it wants to say. Just like Avengers, this movie is a celebration of everything that Marvel has built on this franchise, the characters, its quirks and gimmicks, action, its cliches and tropes, emotional investment and more, this amalgamation of movie's substance IS its big and loud spectacle of crossover stravaganza.

That doesn't mean its inmature, here Marvel shows that they have heard its most common criticisms and you can see that they have been excercising on improving (most of) its shortcomings, and by doing so they delivered a thrilling opponent, surprsing developments (for their standards), many many emotions and an incredibly polished popcorn blockbuster like nobody's bussiness.

Lots of great stuff.

I'd rank it as the fifth best MCU movie, behind Black Panther, Guardians 2, Winter Soldier and Guardians 1 respectively.


Warrior of Light
Oct 26, 2013
i wouldn't call it lackluster as a standalone movie either, i thought it was great entertainment.

personally it impressed me how they tied so many characters and story events without coming up as confusing.

the ending was awesome, finally the dramatic punch i wanted from marvel and im really pumped for the sequel.


Stiltzkin's Apprentice
Aug 20, 2018
Mission Impossible: Fallout

Okay, so I don't have to explain a lot about this movie except that it is the best Mission impossible movie in the franchise, I'd put in slightly behind ghost protocol. JUST FOR THE SAKE OF THAT INSANE BURJ KHALIFA SCENE. And apart from that, Ghost protocol is the most rewatchable movie in the Mission Impossible franchise I think.
Coming back to Fallout, It's like always- Tom Cruise doing Tom Cruise things and saving the world in the last second. While other actors and their characters were also beautifully used in the movie.
I liked Henry Cavill's villain in the movie, The constant action sequences were beautifully shot and the intensity of the third act is breathtaking.
I'd rate is 7/10.
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Warrior of Light
Oct 26, 2013
just watched Captain America: The Winter Soldier a second time

still one of the greatest Marvel movies, also the most tonally serious one (not many jokes); its an exciting movie till the end, also the soundtrack is amazing.

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