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UFFSite Veteran
Oct 5, 2013
Traverse Town

I finally got Breath of the Wild for WiiU, along with the hardcover guide (love the cover artwork) and the 30th anniversary OoT Link amiibo.

I got this amiibo display case for Christmas but I haven't had a reason to open it until now. I think this is my favorite amiibo, so I decided to use it.

Pokemon Kanto region puzzle and Squirtle mug.
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The GemiKnight

Clan Centurio Member
Nov 11, 2016
Durban, South Africa
1 year 9 months 20 days late to the party but I can finally say I own MGSVTPP.
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While playing I noticed I need a new DS3, the controls in this game are super sensitive AF and the slight malfuntion (slightly "broken" to the left side in my control) in the left analog stick makes playing a bit nightmarish at times.
Certainly a must have in any gamers collection.


Materia Hunter
Sep 26, 2013
I wish I could buy as many games as you did.
Trust me, majority of those are very cheap bargain buys - like, less than £10 each. I saved up for the Switch, so that was my most expensive purchase coupled with Zelda. I think the SNES Mini, Mario Odyssey and Metroid 2 were the only other 'day one' purchases I made this year. FF9 too, but that was again a cheap price.