Mognet Speed Issues

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Network Boss-man
UFFSite Veteran
Site Staff
Jul 25, 2013
Solihull, UK
Today/yesterday the board has been having some speed issues and has been loading a lot slower than we'd like. Just a heads up of two things - one, we're aware of it, and two, we're on it. The site might be a little more temperamental than usual today while we adjust and tweak some things. I'll post in this thread again when I've stabilized things again. Thanks, folks.

Crystal Power

Keyblade Master
Nov 29, 2013
United States
Not sure if anything has been done yet, but today the site is going much more smoother. Which is an improvement for me because every time I visited the site before it was rather slow. Even when the site was the only tab opened. Today has been going much better. ^^