[Read OP] BORUTO: Naruto Next Generation

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Warrior of Light
Episode 3: Metal Lee goes wild!

Despite what the title might suggest, Metal Lee is not the central character of the episode but rather a device to kinda develop Shikadai and the trio (Shikadai, Inojin, Boruto) relatioship with M.Lee.

The episode continues teasing Boruto's special eye power, the show gives the possibility that it might be Byakugan related but I personally don't think is the case, I my money is on it being a completely new doujutsu.

The strange dark aura possesing people with downer/negative feelings appears once in this episode. This time we are given a sort of hint of what the source might be (a strange looking creature), right now there seens to be no correlation between this creature and the character of Kawaki but, it's possible for it to be a summon of his(?). We will still have to keep playing the waiting for the reveal.

Another interesting thing that I noticed was Inojin's use of color in his scroll beast summons, that would make for an interesting contrast with his father use of pure black.

Highlight of the episode is of course the teamwork between the trio vs M.Lee. The conbination of transformation+scroll beast+shadow possession was neat.

Nex week we are having an episode featuring Sarada, hype to see how Boruto and Sarada will interact with each other for the first time.

Overall, the strong start of Boruto anime keeps going, I am satisfied.


Warrior of Light
Late write up of Episode 4.

Shino. Worst. Teacher. Ever.
Not only does he fuel animosity between the genders inside of his class but he also blows up the school with his traps. How is he not fired already? However, I think it's kind of cool that he just didn't simply let them fight each other but compete to get the flag. It's training and solving their issues at the the same time. And it succeeded since at the end they all got along just fine.

Speaking of Shino, it seens that the anime wants to give some sort of focus to him which for me it's fine, he used to the character that was there and that occasionally the anime made meta-jokes how he is always forgotten.


Warrior of Light
We got titles and staff members for episodes 6-10.

#6 - The Last Lesson...!! (May 10) — in-house
Animation Supervisors: Kouji Yabuno, Yuuri Ichinose
Storyboard: Takayuki Tanaka
Episode Director: Hotaka Kuramoto
Script: Kou Shigenobu

#7 - Love and Potato Chips...!! (May 17) — in-house
Animation Supervisors: Masayuki Kouda, Daisuke Tsumagari
Storyboard: Maki Odaira
Episode Director: Maki Odaira
Script: Hideto Tanaka

#8 - Dream Revelation (May 24) — outsourced?
Animation Supervisors: Yuuko Matsui, Ayako Satou
Storyboard: Nobuyushi Nagayama, Chiaki Kon
Episode Director: Shintaro Inokawa
Script: Kiyomune Miwa

#9 - My Own Proof (May 31) — outsourced?
Animation Supervisors: Youko Suzuki
Storyboard: Chiaki Kon, Yukihiro Matsushita
Episode Director: Ayumu Ono
Scripts: Kiyomune Miwa

#10 - Ghost Incident, Begin Investigation!! (June 7)


Warrior of Light
Episode 8: The Dream's Revelation

I did not expect the anime to include Toneri in the story, that was pretty neat, it seens that he has some kind of omen reading powers.

After a few weeks of victim of the day episodes we finally start to focus on Boruto's strange eye power and what exactly it is. The Boruto propose it to be the Byakugan but the episode itself questions whatever that's due the uncoventional ways in which his eye power was awaken. This leads us to meet an old face from the show, Hiashi Hyuga, who will test Boruto in a fight. I´m liking where this is going, the boy needs an adult kicking some senses into him :p

Overall good episode, I would have only cut short Boruto's ego a bit.
Likes: Nova


Warrior of Light
Episode 14 bullet point impressions:

  • That fight animation was sexy, animation overall was great.
  • Boruto seems really close with his clones. I think they're going to go with quality over quantity, concerning his usage of them throughout the series
  • So sumire is a water style user. those water bullets were cool
  • Mitsuki again climbing the ranks of being the best character
  • I was not expecting the nue to be cute. it was like entei in this ep
  • I actually liked the tnj. it wasn't like naruto's where he just projects to the heavens. it was grounded and made sense.
  • Tumblr is going to have a ball with the boruto x sumire ship ..
  • I'm glad sumire is alive. her death would've been interesting to see, but whatever. she's my new favorite female character.
  • Really liked how sai is going to make an effort to help sumire. gj with his development, sp.
  • Ep was good. kinda how i expected it to go but there we some twists


Warrior of Light
It's been a while but I finall catch up to the lastest episode.

Episode 25 impressions:

The start of the new arc seens promising. Sending Boruto and company outside of the Hidden Leaf is an interesting direction for the series to take. The war may be over, but as we've seen, its memory is still fresh in the minds of many shinobi, which will presumably serve as the impetus for the story that unfolds. The Mist Village being the chosen location is interesting, considering it's the village that had the most drastic impact in Naruto's story.

Currently the series has a feeling that it will take a while before it starts gear torward the chunin exams but that's ok, so long as it can keep up with bringing enjoyable enough stories until then I will still be waiting with patience.

Score: 3.25/5


Warrior of Light
Oct 26, 2013
so i watched a quick video on yt, of the first episode, is that opening segment in the future real? that was badass.


Warrior of Light
BORUTO episode 33 thoughts:

Another fun episode if unevenful as far as important stuff happening but we get a nice development episode dedicated to Inojin and the importance of putting emotions & feelings behind your art crafting. Episode gets extra points for featuring Himawari. If the episodes can keep this level entertaiment then the wait for the next arc will be easily bareable.

Score: 3.5/5

We're getting close to the academy gradution and by extension closer to the chunin exams, which I'm looking forward to see how they will expand this part of the BORUTO story.