What happen to the days of the Grandia saga, why wipe that off the grid??

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Balamb Garden Freshman
Nov 17, 2013
South Africa
This game may not be for everyone, but I think the few that do enjoy the Grandia saga are captured right away.. I must however add, that my all time favorite was Grandia 1 which was one of the first rpgs I ever played besides Final Fantasy VII. If you are considering playing Grandia again, I would urge that you attempt Grandia 1 as it possessed all the elements that make an epic RPG, even in this day and age. I would suggest that you get yourself the game, lock your door, shut the light from entering your room and begin playing. Or did I just go overboard o_O haha

Personally I only played Grandia II on the PS2 and it never really clicked with me, neither the story nor the graphics or gameplay. Mind this was years ago, I don't know what would be my reaction to the game if I tried it now.
May 11, 2014
Grandia is an amazing series of games and really envoked the call for adventure. Grandia 1 and 2 are one of my favorites of all time. I couldn't find a place that had fans of the series come together and post pictures and crafts and whatever they like about this terrific series so I went ahead and made a fan page over on Facebook. I encourage you to check it out and like the page if you are a fan of Grandia. https://www.facebook.com/grandiaseries


Sphere Hunter
Oct 7, 2013
I always like to look into the talent behind these old JRPG gems to see what they are doing now, like to see if they have remained in the game industry at all. I was surprised to see that the creator of the Grandia series passed away at a very young age, only 45, about 3 years ago. How utterly depressing.

From a studio perspective, I was surprised to see that Game Arts is now part of the GungHo family (along with GRAVITY, Grasshopper, and a few notable Squaresoft golden era talent). It appears GungHo did try to usher Grandia into the F2P PC MMO era (ugh), but eventually closed the game down in 2012.