Your favorite Video Game Music

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Stiltzkin's Apprentice
Feb 9, 2016
Grand Rapids, MI
Since I was introduced to video game fairly early in my life, video game music is attached to every moment in my life. Game music will send my head spinning with nostalgic memories. Final Fantasy VI's world map music brings back strong memories of waking up as a teen at 3AM so that I could play a couple hours on our only television before high school. The synthesized sounds of 8-bit tracks remind me of my early youth.

I do not wish to suddenly begin spamming the thread with a bunch of videos, so I will drop a couple of videos from time to time and explain their meaning to me.

Faxanadu - Theme Song, NES 1988
I didn't personally own this game, but my friend at school did. I borrowed this game over the summer between my jump from elementary to middle school. It brings back memories of working with my mom on solving some of the puzzles, and writing down ridiculously long passcodes (or mantras in this game) to restart where you left off.

Final Fantasy VI - Balance is Restored, SNES 1994
As I mentioned above, my family only had one television in the house. Therefore, my playing time was limited to the very early morning hours before school or whenever everyone but myself had left the house. I got FFVI for Christmas 1994 and it took me until late May 1995 to finish it. I still remember the events of the morning I finally conquered this game. I had made my way up to the final fight against Kefka once that morning and had blown it. Restarting, I carefully worked my way up the crazy ladder to Kefka - ensuring my best players were kept alive and protected. It didn't help that I had no patience for level grinding and had under powered characters. I defeated Kefka with 30 minutes left before the bus was to come pick me up. However, I didn't realize that the game's ending was around 20 minutes long. I barely got my clothes on to flee for the incoming bus.


fal'Cie Goddess
Site Staff
Mar 6, 2016
Most recently I've listened to FFVIII's orchestrated album because of my replay. The game really benefited a lot from its score, it's one of my top favorites in the series.

I also found this guy who has composed fan-made albums for a few games and it's great music to chill with.