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  1. SonOfEtro

    SaGa: Scarlet Grace discussion thread

    Here we are. Now it's been confirmed for a Western release, I think it's time to begin a thread for that most incredible of games; SaGa: Scarlet Grace. The twelfth entry in the SaGa series, co-developed by Square Enix Business Division 3 and Studio Reel, and written and designed by series...
  2. Lulcielid

    With PS4Pro & XB1X out, how far are we from "9th generation" consoles?

    With the release of more powerful iterations of PS4 and XB1 respectively, how much time do you think they can stall for time until the next "generation" begins? If the previous generation was anything to go by, I money is on SONY and Microsoft aiming for this generation to last as long as the...
  3. Tornak

    Persona 5 (PS4, PS3) - WW launch discussion

    General Information: Synopsis: So who's here going to play this? I haven't preoredered it or anything yet, but I might buy it from Amazon so that I can play tomorrow. This is going to be my first Persona, as 4 (iirc) was released quite late and stealthily and my English level wasn't that...
  4. SonOfEtro

    SPOILERS - Dedicated SPOILER Thread for Nier:Automata

    As the game is now well and truly out in the open, and since the Japanese version has both English subtitles and full English voices being shown in multiple videos on sharing and streaming sites, and some among this forum's users may or may not have imported the game as the console and game are...
  5. Noktis.Ouji

    Trophy list did not do this game its justice.

    PS4 user I love this game and loved it since the beginning .. been playing for over 600+ hours now .. 100% done and platinum-ed. Aside from the adamantoise trophy, I got them all without actually trying. I'm not a trophy hunter and I've taken my time enjoying it but this is the easiest...
  6. BladeRunner

    Playstation 4 Pro impressions

    I know some of you already got that shiny new PS4 Pro and I'm curious what you think about it. How do the games perform? Is the upgrade significant? How is the device itself? Too big? Loud? Alright? Was it worth the price?
  7. buddhafied

    FFXV Slim Bundle vs. Pro

    Hello everyone. It's been a while since I've back to the forum (you know, life and all.) Hola to all the old members who remember me, and hello to everyone who's new :D Alright, on to my topic (not sure where I should put this... but it's FFXV related, so... sorry mob if this is in incorrect...
  8. A

    Is the Ring of Lucii truly overpowered?

    Hey guys, I made a video on my thoughts of the ring of lucii! I hope you guys enjoy! Feel free to disagree/agree and comment! Thanks!
  9. AnGer-dono

    Review: Odin Sphere Leifthrasir (PS3, PS4, Vita)

    There is little debate to be had about the popularity of nordic mythology in video games. From the Tales series to Age of Mythology, it has been iterated so much - with varying degrees of artistic license - that it has become a staple of the collective idea pool from which game creators take...
  10. Lulcielid

    PS4 Hits 3 Million Units Sold In Japan

    Source from Gaminbolt, what do you think about the console market in Japan now?
  11. Lulcielid

    Sony confirms PS4 Neo, will not be at E3

    So, it´s happening, what´re your feelings on the matter?
  12. Lulcielid

    PS4K/PS4.5 What do you think ?

    Over the last couples of daya there have been a lot of talk about a potential uograde to the hardware of the current PS4. As of now, different sources are claiming that said upgrade is true and that sony is in talk with devs. How do think this desicion will impact in the gaming community ? What...
  13. Lulcielid

    PS2 Emulation comming to PS4 :D
  14. AnGer-dono

    NieR Automata (Square Enix + Platinum Games)

    Announced earlier at the Square Enix press conference. Staff: Yosuke Saito (Producer) Akihiko Yoshida (Character Design) Takihisa Taura (Game Designer - worked on Metal Gear Rising and Anarchy Reigns) Keiichi Okabe (Composer) Taro Yoko (Director) Game will be exclusive to the PS4, more...