Console Dissidia Dream Rosters

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Would you prefer a fancy, pseudo-latin name like Theatrythm/Duodecim, or something more simple?

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Oct 10, 2013
Final Fantasy: Warrior of Light - Garland
Final Fantasy II: Firion - Emperor
Final Fantasy III: Luneth - Cloud of Darkness
Final Fantasy IV: Cecil Harvey - Golbez
Final Fantasy V: Faris Scherwiz (Job Performer) - Gilgamesh
Final Fantasy VI: Celes Chere - Kefka Palazzo
Final Fantasy VII: Tifa Lockhart - Sephiroth
Final Fantasy VIII: Squall Leonhart, Rinoa Heartilly - Seifer Almasy
Final Fantasy IX: Zidane Tribal, Garnet til Alexadros XVII - Kuja
Final Fantasy X: Paine - Shuyin
Final Fantasy XII: Ashelia B'nargin Dalmasca (Adroit Spellcaster) - Vayne Carudas Solidor (Adroit Emperor)
Final Fantasy XIII: Oerba Dia Vanille (Paradigm Medic), Noel Kreiss - Galenth Dysley, Caius Ballad
Final Fantasy Dimensions: Sol, Sarah -

Can't think of much battle style names.


Clan Centurio Member
Oct 4, 2013
World B
I'm watching a playthrough of Final Fantasy X, and I had a thought: Laguna's a ranged fighter, right? So, what if we got Wakka in the next Dissidia?


Stiltzkin's Apprentice
Oct 26, 2013
Here's my roster for... wait for it... Dissidia Tertia! (Sorry for the terrible attempt at Latin.)

I - Warrior of Light, Princess Sarah, Garland
II - Firion, Maria, The Emperor
III - Luneth, Refia, Cloud of Darkness
IV - Cecil, (Adult) Rydia, Golbez, Kain
V - Bartz, Faris, Exdeath
VI - Terra, Celes, Kefka
VII - Cloud, Tifa, Aerith, Sephiroth
VIII - Squall, Rinoa, Edea, Ultimecia
IX - Zidane, Garnet, Vivi, Kuja
X - Tidus, Yuna, Yunalesca, Seymour
XI - Shantotto, Eald'narche
XII - Balthier, Ashe, Gabranth, Vayne
XIII - Lightning, Serah, Jihl, Caius
Likes: Ehren