FFXV discussion thread [No Spoilers]

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Warrior of Light
Jul 14, 2015
Absolutely love the game so far, chapter 7 - 17 hours in. Beautiful scenery, well crafted world. Story is a little bit vague, but i don't see how people can call it bad (but i can't assume, since i didn't finish it yet). Despite its flaws game is well deserved 8.5
Same honestly. Almost have to wonder if half of it is due to the lack of the version 1.02 patch that improved the plot from early chapters, given how early people bought the game and all.

Dead honest, i genuinelly feel engrossed with the plot so far.
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Oct 7, 2016
So awesome everyone here is enjoying the game.

Yknow I have a feeling Tabata and team are gonna do more story patches in the future.

I think they're watching the reception for every aspect of the game very closely and are already aware about people's feelings on the story.

Personally I don't have a big problem with the story thus far. Found some cool story bits and this game is such a knockout when it comes to the fun factor xD


SOLDIER Second Class
May 25, 2016
Australia M8
Okay, so while playing, I've encountered 2 bugs/glitches so far. One being that no monsters spawn at all. The other being infinite sprint. Anyone else encountered these? For me it might've been due to having the setting for "Rest mode keeps the app suspended" setting on. It might've caused an issue with the spawning timers and things? Its all fixed now so no worries.

Also, I found a good way of defeating high level daemons at a low level (but idk if that's counted as spoilers somehow, so its in the spoiler tag)
and that's waiting around till morning. They take damage from the sunlight. But make sure you're in the aggro range, cause they despawn if you leave the range. They might just despawn anyways, but I haven't had time to full test it out, but it looks like they don't just despawn while you're in their aggro range.
Aug 14, 2016
All over
Haven't seen the stamina bar glitch. I presume it's toggled on? There is a stamina food buff, but you'd know if you have it. Noctis' wallet will audibly scream in pain. ;)

The only glitches I remember are the control options turning to French when menuing through them and an occasional double-Cindy when she fills up the car.
Aug 13, 2016
Finally got two days off work to play the game and i'm absolutely loving it at the moment. I'm making sure to collect as many items as possible, complete side quests and explore the world before focussing on the story. Been playing for about 7 and 1/2 hours now and am up to chapter 3. The Duscae region is absolutely packed with things to do and it's amazing how far its come on since Episode Duscae. I've noticed a few technical hitches, but there have been so many stand out moments that far out way them. Now to carry on with my playthrough!