FFXV discussion thread [No Spoilers]

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Oct 7, 2016
So I never noticed when I was playing the game but

this entire time, I thought Ignis was the only bro who didn't cry during the final camping scene.

Must've been my TV cuz I didn't see it, but apparently Ignis did shed a tear over the upcoming loss.


It's so subtle and the glasses/lighting made it difficult to see but, in case anyone had any doubt, Ignis does indeed shed tears in this scene.


SeeD A-Class
Oct 30, 2016
Still gets me every time too. The silence actually makes it all the more powerful strangely enough.
Music in audiovisual media is an interesting thing. When it's done right, it can catch you up in a giant wave of emotion... but a well-chosen intentional absence is sort of like being left bereft, and even subtle details stand out in stark relief.


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Oct 26, 2013
"For this project, we aim to surpass the original work in terms of quality by increasing the number of staff to strengthen the core company development as we head into the development progress phase."

aahh feels like Versus XIII all over again, i don't think the game will even release in 2018 at this point.
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Feb 2, 2017
My response was too long to post under Storm's status, so it's going here. Nova asked what sidequest I found to be of quality more or less.

@Nova This is just my opinion on this, and you're free to disagree fully sir.
1. Pitioss Dungeon. It's an end game dungeon that is a combination of platforming and puzzle solving. It's really the highlight of the game when it comes to side content. A good number of people speculate there is a story behind it, but nothing has ever been confirmed from SE nor BD2 far as I know.

2. Deadeye hunt side quest - Basically this what got transfered over from episode Duscae. What I like about it is there are some stealth and follow parts along with the fact the Deadeye got hyped up to be this big menacing foe. The local NPCs were impacted by the creature prior and after its defeat.

3. Adamantortoise hunt side quest - Similar with the Deadeye in the sense that NPCs are affected by the monster and actually gathered at one of the dinners. The size of the creature is truly amazing imo, but the camera doesn't seem to do very well vs. large scale enemies as Noctis can clip into the enemy.

4. The Cindy Parts chain side quest - What I liked about Cindy's quest is that even though it was a typical fetch quest, I at least got rewarded with information on how Insomia was like 30 years ago.

Edit: 5. Tour Quests - They are basically the ones that can become active when sleeping at certain camp sites. Having the 1 vs. 1 interaction between Noctis and one of the Chocobros is pretty damn cool imo.
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