Final Fantasy XV - General News Thread

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May 2, 2016
Guess it just makes it all the more fitting that Gladio's DLC was composed by the guy that did Nier Automata as well. Plus I guess FFXV is arguably the most dour entry in the series so it's as close to a Yoko Taro FF game we'll probably ever get.
It is indeed very dour when compared with other entries, though it doesn't go all the way. The thing that struck me was that Gladio would nicely fit due to the dissonance of supportive brother figure and...wait, you're accosting Noctis in a way modern research says is totally counterproductive to overcoming grief? And thinking about it, Prompto and Ignis DLC do feel like a mild version of a Yoko sidequest, given the things they confront and experience.

Of course, for a true Yoko experience, then a few extra things would be required;
*Noctis would've needed to have died halfway through the story in a pointless and tragic manner.
*Luna, Gladio and Ardyn would have replaced him as the lead playable characters.
*Lucis would have engaged in heinous war crimes making them none the less culpable than Niflheim.
*The nations would reject long-run unification in favour of rebuilding as their own power, as can anyone really believe regions that large would just surrender to becoming part of one all-encompassing republic/empire just after gaining liberty following Niflheim's collapse?
*The Crystal would've been a corrupt puppet master repeatedly replaying some kind of "Final Fantasy" ala eternal recurrence.
*The Astrals are just as much trapped in the cycle as humans are, and just as pissed. "Someone" insists they play that role.
*Gladio would probably have gone insane or something by the end of the story (and his sister is likely dead) and be the penultimate or final boss for other characters.
*As always, multiple endings, probably involving A; Luna taking on Noctis's role, B; Ardyn becoming the lone ruler of a Scourge-covered world, C; the Astrals decide to destroy everything for an extremely arbitrary reason no-one understands (ala "twist" ending), D; Gladio, thoroughly deranged, by some strange trick becomes blessed with the Crystal's power and goes on a neo-Gilgamesh-style rampage to destroy the Scourge, and pretty much becomes the greatest enemy of Eos through his unhinged crusade.
*Final ending is probably the Crystal being destroyed, the Gods rendered powerless, the world remains half-ruined by the Scourge, and the only ones to survive are the ones meant to die (Luna and Ardyn).

Basically, life isn't a narrative, nothing's black or white, and power doesn't fix everything. ...Okay, now I want a Yoko-style Final Fantasy. A spin-off would be more than fine.
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May 2, 2016


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Feb 20, 2018
There's also Nidus.
Unfortunately, FFXV was a train wreak, huge potential on being one of the best FFs yet it seems like the development was wasted on doing things that either no longer exist or were implemented in a way that doesn't add anything to the core game.
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May 26, 2014
It's bad enough that you posted a NeithOf post full of mistranslations and desperate spin from gamefaqs, but even worse that you posted those as if they are in anyway accurate or true to what Suzuki said.
He never said that thing about an "unrealistic transcription of the psychology of the character in FFXV" or that he had to stop a recording session to see the staff, nor did he ever say he reads the scripts on his days off, (days off from what? he's a VA and if he really did that he could do that on any day), where ever that translation is from isn't what was stated at all during the livestream or even in that magazine interview. Secondly practically everything in that reddit post is pure guesswork and speculation, with some parts based on mistranslations, and then that french site is further mudying the waters by putting whatever mistranslations already were there into French, then back into English on that gamefaqs post.
I have the actual full livestream saved, it's like 4 hours long and around the midpoint they start asking questions to Noctis's and Luna's VA's, and while Suzuki talks about Noctis's personality when asked to describe him he didn't say anything about still reading the "Versus scripts" on his "days off" or anything that isn't him basically saying that while there were some changes it wasn't to the core, rather they added more things to him which is why technically "Versus Noctis" is "different" to "XV Noctis", only because of them adding more traits to his character after it had become XV, not them removing things from his personality that were already there. Like his whole thing with fishing was only added afterwards and so was various was with how he acts with people outside of his social circle.

That interview image itself also basically says as much that Noct was only a bit more introverted in Versus compared to XV, which is a result of them adding more sociable parts to him, that doesn't change the core of him, that means they added more to him which only "technically" makes them different because of added parts in XV, not because of removed parts of what was already there.

But even besides all of that, everything Nomura ever described about Noctis's personality is still exactly how he is in the final game.

Joke or no joke, it was stated. And of course staff internally discussed Versus 13 and referenced it sometimes in the game, point is Nomura clearly was advised not to speak of Versus 13 publicly.
It was not stated in any way other than a Joking way, it implies nothing, and confirmation bias does not prove Nomura was not allowed to speak about Versus/XV publicly after he was taken off the game.

And it wasn't only "internally", XV staff and Tabata in public interviews and settings would discuss Versus XIII too, multiple times over the years both before and after the game released, if even Hashimoto the FF Brand Manager is talking about it in the FF 30th anniversary issue in EDGE then there is no logical reason to think Nomura couldn't too.

And angry Tabata fanboys with their own shit spilling out of their mouth attacking anything Nomura does are the reason people hate XV even more. The game was flawed, but instead of accepting it's limited potential due to SE's poor management, they pretend that they have a perfect game and take the piss on anything Nomura related. It's really frustrating.

The last 3-years these XV-loyalists kept preaching how happy they were that XV killed all the ideas behind Versus, but now that some of those ideas are coming back in a completely different project, you go attack that new project as well? Seriously?
Oh boo hoo, cry me a river, the cancerous Nomura fandom is the one that has been throwing shit ever since Nomura was kicked off the game. Where has anyone ever said XV has no flaws? Are you just making shit up just to make some false strawman argument over things no one ever said? Wow typical Nomura fanboy, ironic too given how hard you defend anything Nomura does as if he's a flawless god incapable of any wrongdoing and that everything he shits out is perfect including his version of the unfinished scraps of his failed canceled game.

Any reasonable person working in corporate is professional, nobody goes around saying new staff members or additions are bad............... for whatever reason (be it due to SE's instructions, or your made up "internal bad reputation") the teams did not interact much during development of XV. Sure some staff were thrown around, sure some resources after one project got moved to the next, but Nomura was not overseeing XV in the main years after development re-started nor was he a consultant for Tabata providing advise. KH3 and XV were their own thing being developed independenly in two separate studios under different supervision, no major overlaps occurred.
"made up"

Tabata outright stated it in the FF 30th Anniversary issue of EDGE magazine, also both XV and KH3 were being developed on Luminous Engine in 2013, there was inherent overlap since Nomura was still the director until the end of 2013 for FFXV, they were using the same engine and thus the same engine staff, and KH3 only moved to UE4 in 2014 when they moved all the Lumionus staff into BD2. Stop talking out of your ass.

We are talking about how events happened and how XV fell under a different direction in it's prime dev years and turned out to be a different beast altogether.
XV fell under "different direction" when Nomura was still the director of the game, Tabata as co-director was heading the new build that was later shown at E3 2013 and following that they basically reevaluated the entire game for what to keep and what to change, and a few months later Nomura was taken off and this also falls in the timline for what 7R would have started early stages too. Tabata stated in 2014 how he discussed with Nomura at length over the changes and that it wasn't something that happened at once, it was a gradual thing.

False. While of course the looks, background, and certain traits that were mentioned were kept - the overall character was heavily changed to fit the role of a protagonist for a mainline FF (while also catering to the Chinese laws of censorship and Tabata's changed narrative of the game). Even the early XV trailers show a different Noctis than his personality in the final game. The VA's comments do not talk about the volume of dialogue, he clearly states the core of the character has been altered to make him more open.
False, everything from the core foundation of his entire personality and characterization are exactly how he acts in every instance of dialog we heard of him during Versus and 2013 XV, and falls exactly in line with how Nomura always described him as, what they did was ADD more things to him, not take things away, and in that addition is what makes him only "technically different". That Chinese law thing had nothing to do with Noctis or the characters personality, it only had to do with the Etro goddess of death stuff which is a lore thing, not a character personality thing. Suzuki's comments do not say the core of him was changed either, they added more to him, not changed his core.

But if his themes, conflicts and character plots from the Versus 13 concept are salvageable (again, because XV did not use most of them) - then why not use them, they belong to him. In terms of the car scene, Nomura directed it and they CG'd it, but the XV team did not use it, so Nomura decided to use it himself as that's a great scene. He didn't copy it, it's his, he just re-purposed it.
Ikumori and Nozue directed the CG scenes seen in Versus and 2013 XV, not Nomura, and there is no possible way for the "themes, conflicts and character plots" of Versus to work in Verum Rex based on what we've seen since it's inherently contextually different on a fundemental level, superficially copying CG scenes doesn't make it the actual Versus story or character plots even with a different skin. Yozora is a commander wearing his regular clothes and being driven for an unknown reason by Luxord from KH2, in a scene that takes place AFTER he had beaten/lost to Sora AFTER the nameless star is also already dead in the Final World, literally none of that fits in with the scene from Versus/XV it's copying where Noctis the prince is in his black suit being driven to the peace treaty party, which in Versus is where he first meets Stella and then the invasion happens and so on. The fact that they even seeminly merged Gladio+Ignis and Ardyn+Prompto into 1 character each already means it can't be using the actual "charactrer plots, conflicts, themes" that Versus was going to use, because it's already going directly against things we knew about them from Versus.