Final Fantasy XV - General News Thread

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Apr 12, 2016
calm down with the triple posts, dude lol

there's no minigame as far as i know, they only showcased it in the video to promote it since its a collab with that game.


looks like Aloy's VA in Horizon: Zero Dawn is doing Sara's voice.
If Final Fantasy 15 team lied?
Feb 19, 2018
I just finished it. It's a lore dump about Terra Wars i guess. It's all dialogue with little pieces of gameplay.
There's no conection to the main plot.
That's really odd then that they would bother connecting it to the main game in anyway instead of just putting it in the main menu under the special items tab. Not saying it's definitely happening but you think that maybe this is them experimenting with integrating DLC content into the main game? Royal Pack was received really positively for it's integration into the game and I'm sure they're aware of the fan demand for more integrated content as well. It's a long shot but it's interesting that the first real story driven piece of content (even if it's irrelevant to FFXV's story) we've gotten since the Royal pack is accessible through the in game world rather than being put under the special items tab.
Jul 17, 2018
Sardinia, Italy
It certainly wouldn't be the first time they tested a feature to later implement it as additional content.

EDIT: Also they added this:

They add an information menù with an update list, that means that we get a lot of updates in next months probably... Otherwise will be useless.
The 1.26 update is about 3,7 GB, so now I have a new mission: use the glitched save to catch new things in Cartanica... Maybe this 3,7 GB isn't all about the the new content as they had announced, like the past updates, maybe there's hidden stuff.
(why Cartanica? Because they trying to fix this map adding hidden content in last updates, like new roads and building)
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Feb 20, 2018
Is the terra wars dlc a limited time event? Or does it look like it will be staying in the game for good?
It's probably limited due to the characters being owned by Mistwalker. If the Chocobo Moogle Carnival was limited I doubt this would be permanent.

Also the FFXV info page is a bit late....Like now after 26 patches you're going to detail them?
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