KINGDOM HEARTS III - General News Discussion Thread

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Sphere Hunter
Feb 20, 2018
God damn it, Nomura! You're a son of a Bi***, a fu** son of a Bi***!

That sh** right there is
FF Versus XIII!!! Is a rip-off! o_O
lol how could it be a rip off if it was his story? Blame Tabata for using the characters/ world but not bother to include the actual story content that made us excited for it.
Likes: Vallen
Oct 26, 2017
Costa Rica
Final Data Battle Music list:

Master Xehanort - Forze dell'Oscurita (New Arrangement)
Ansem - l'eminenza Oscura I (New arrangement)
Xemnas - l'oscurita dell'ignoto (New Arrangement)
Young Xehanort - l'impeto Oscuro (New arrangement)
Dark Riku - Forze Del Male (New arrangement from base game cutscene)
Saix - 13th Dilemma (New arrangement)
Xigbar - 13th Dilemma (New arrangement; Different from Saix's version)
Larxene - 13th Struggle (New Arrangement)
Marluxia - Lord of the Castle (New Arrangement)
Terranort - Dismiss (New Arrangement)
Vanitas - Enter the Darkness (Arrangement from main game)
Luxord - 13th Struggle (New Arrangement; Different from Larxene's)
Xion - Vector to the Heavens (New Arrangement)


Apr 12, 2016
kingdom hearts 3 risk taker
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Should i finish the game and remind and limtcut episode and secret episode to earn the trophy ?


Red Wings Commander
Oct 28, 2017
I'm halfway through on my Data Org. members conquering quest (on Critical), and I never thought I'd say it, but they're legitimately better than the KH2 datas.
Practically no way to cheeze through them (no reflega to save your ass) except from, maybe, using links during their desperation moves. But considering how insane some of those dm's are, maybe it's for the better this option exists.
And being able to find new openings for each fight via experimentation alone is just extemely fun.
Overall, with this patch\dlc KH3 made it from my 3rd fav. KH game to the top from gameplay perspective, good job Osaka team.

Can't wait my ass being handed to Yozora fight over and over