Persona 5 Discussion Thread (Spoiler Tagged)

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Sep 27, 2013
So, I'm finally done with the game, after 95 hours. The felt the ending s a bit weak for such a long game. Speaking of which, I think the game is like 30 hours too long. It really drags out towards the end.


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Persona 5 progress:
  • 80 hours
  • 11/26
  • MC is LV83
  • Finished the seventh Palace
  • 22 days left until deadline. Time to hang out and chill
Social Stats: Everything Rank 5 save for kindness that is still on rank 4.
Total Confidants Maxed: 11 confidants (would soon be 13 whenever Fool and Magician rank up during plot).
Confidants soon to be maxed: Emperor (Rank 6) and Hermit (Rank 5). I should have enough time to max them, as far as I know, Hermit confidant in the only one that has no holdover period, which would give me a lot of time to finish Emperor and level up a bit Empress (Rank 2)

So far this is the only thing I outright dislike from the game is the presentation of its story. Visual description of how it feels:
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Oct 7, 2016
Damn that's pretty awesome.

Still haven't gotten around to completing the wardens Confidant. I should probably get on that asap.


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Late December.
The Igor twist was pretty smart and for some good reasons:
  • His voice is considerably deeper and more commanding than the previous encounters with Igor. Granted many could assume this would be because of a new actor, but even so, the fact that the new actors (in both languages) don't even try to sound like the old one surely sets off some alarm bells. Indeed, when the real Igor does return, he sounds much more like the original voice actor.
Extra Notes: Igor's Japanese voice actor Isamu Tanonaka passed away on January, 2010. Since them everytime Igor were to appear in any Persona material they would reuse voiced lines from previous games and left unvoiced any new lines.
  • He never actually fuses a single Persona for you (his main in-universe role in the franchise), as Justine and Caroline do it all.
  • He's extremely vague about what the protagonist's "rehabilitation" actually entails, and dodges the question every time you try to ask him to clarify.
  • He uses a different japanese pronoun than Igor usually does. False Igor uses Watakushi instead of Watashi if you're curious.
  • He says "Welcome to MY Velvet Room," not "Welcome to THE Velvet Room." While it may seem not important, the real Igor always drives it home that the Velvet Room is the Guest's subconscious, thus it's not his to claim (That said, in Japanese the real Igor actually also refers to it as "his" Velvet Room, but it's still worded differently from Yaldabaoth's line).
With that out of the way I'm currently facing Yaldabaoth. I will finish this boss fight this weekend (Have some bussy stuff to do)
Currently my game is clocking at 92 hours.
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After 30 days and 97 hours (actually about 100 hours, at one point I was careless during Palace #3 and lost about 3 hours of progress...), I finshed the game.
Normal difficult.
All 5 social stats maxed.
14 out of 21 confidants maxed.
6 out of 8 Phantom Thieves members confidant maxed.
All (non-confidants) Mementos request done.
Compendium 85% completed.

I need a few more days to give a final veredict but I can say that I at least enjoyed my time with the game.
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