persona 5

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  1. Jubileus

    Persona 5 Discussion Thread (Spoiler Tagged)

    Just thought I'd create a thread to openly discuss Persona 5 since there's nowhere else to discuss the game that is civil. You can discuss story related stuff so long as you give warning for where it's at and spoiler tag it in case someone isn't up to there yet. Discussions could be about...
  2. Tornak

    Persona 5 (PS4, PS3) - WW launch discussion

    General Information: Synopsis: So who's here going to play this? I haven't preoredered it or anything yet, but I might buy it from Amazon so that I can play tomorrow. This is going to be my first Persona, as 4 (iirc) was released quite late and stealthily and my English level wasn't that...
  3. Lulcielid

    PERSONA 5 first week sale in Japan

    The following information has been provided and translated by Gematsu, original article here.
  4. pixeldrip

    The Velvet Room art show and tournament

    If you're in the Los Angeles area and a fan of Persona and Catherine, you should check out the Velvet Room fan art show September 10-11 weekend. In addition to the artwork, there's going to be Tarot reading, two tournaments (Persona 4 Arena Ultimax and Catherine), live bands and figure drawing...
  5. SonOfEtro

    Persona 5 - Take Tokyo Tower stream summary

    While I don't understand much Japanese, I'll give a summary of what I saw in the stream pre-Stalker Club. I'm watching this in BST. Cudos to Persona Central's live blog for helping me with some of the finer details. - After a while of showing Tokyo Tower in lights with some groovy music...
  6. Lulcielid

    PERSONA 5 Releases on September 15th in Japan (and more info)

    Release date: Will update as soon as other deatils are translated. EDIT : TRAILER