The truth about FFXVersus XIII

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Takeshi Sendo

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Feb 18, 2018
LeonBlade knows every single thing about that even the dates I got the information.
I have no problem about talking to you like that and trying to solve certain doubts you have, I have limits of course.

When I say the info is first hand is because it comes from someone who was working in the project directly, so directly as he was an important figure inside Nomuras team. If you try to do those kind of investigations, puzzles, that are fun but believe me you are wasting your time, you will find nothing and will start to create more skepticism because of yourself. At the end of 2016 I started to have this information that I was getting initially just for myself.


Jan 7, 2017
Can you please stop bringing Leon here or not? He himself said, that not everything what you posted is verified. Here his words:
I only verified a portion of what was included in the full thread. Even with that, it's not completely 100% verified as I have no way of doing so.
With each your's post here, you only doing more damage to yourself. When people asking more direct proof, you just ignoring or disapering, which doesnt help you at all.


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Oct 26, 2013
i believe we'll know more about the project and if this leak (or any other) is the real deal or not, with SQ being more open about it lately and all... just a matter of time.
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Feb 23, 2018
I'm not here to be a Versus stan, dampen anything that anyone's saying, or to put in my own two cents or anything like that. Granted, I fell in love with the idea of Versus since it came out. I still remember recording the trailers off of youtube on my crappy flip phone just to rewatch them back in grade school. Thing is, I think Versus just needs to be put down. The idea is very cool, but I just don't think Square's ready to push out a tripe-A title of that level of darkness and maturity yet. I know a lot of games of theirs push the envelop, but they're just not quite there yet.

Personally, I think they just need to finish up XV and let it go for awhile. Put off making any sequels until they can put more effort into their other, current IPs. Maybe pushing for a new one like XVI that I know we've all likely been anxious for, or at least getting KH3 and the VII remake out the door. I can forgive all these DLC and patches since XV's dev cycle was so wonky since day one, but pushing out content into 2019, well more than two years after its release, is a bit much. I honestly think they could cut down the number of DLC's and save them for extraneous content like anime, manga, mobile games--things that just aren't as large a burden.

As for Versus, while the original concepts will always be dear to me, I think it's time to let it rest. While I think it would be amazing to have a game of that caliber, ambition, and grittiness/darkness/moral ambiguity, I just don't think XV is the place to place those eggs. Technology is a rapidly changing thing, and video games as a social phenomenon changes rapidly with it. I still remember, pretty recently too, that video games were seen as childish and not a medium to deliver darker, more sophisticated story-telling. Square isn't a company known for making gritty, dark titles and Versus came at a time before the market really reflected these changes. Nowadays, since Japan's making a shift towards mobile gaming and the console market is becoming increasingly more relevant to the Western market, I really think Square could do this sooner than we think. XV felt like a gung-ho chance to experiment with a west-centric game, what with it being open-world--which is something westernized gaming is leaning more and more towards.

Thing is, I just don't think XV was the game for super dark themes. It was experimental, and it had its moments of pushing the envelop, but it's still a T-rated game. Most triple-A titles, that I've seen, are M-rated by far. Almost to the point that it's standard, because the industry understands its demographics are maturing from the kids who loved Pokemon and LoZ and Mario to people who want darker games, like the Witcher series, Silent Hill, Soulsborne, Uncharted--what have you. I think Square likely understands this, or is beginning to, and I have faith the 7 remake could push closer to an M-rating if not be M-rated altogether. XVI might even be the first dark and gritty FF that we've been hoping for, that could retain Versus' ambition and spirit.

Until then, I like Versus as something that "belongs" to fandom. I like that people can spin wild theories, can build their own stories, and tell the tale they thought Versus had the potential to become. I'm someone who like writing fanfic, and making Versus into the vision I thought it could become is something I enjoy doing. And I enjoy reading other people's theories for that matter.

Anyhow, this is really all I have to say on it.


Jan 7, 2017
Sigh...People still dont want to accept simple truth...Almost all Versus here in the xv. People still dreaming about that nonsense like, drugs, death eyes and etc. Nomura himself said that versus, which he was planning to do, in the end shouldnt be as dark as fans can think.
And i will pray that Japanese games with stay Japanese, without all that crap from what is going here on West side.
Aug 14, 2016
All over
My snarky comments aside, I'm taking @Takeshi Sendo at his word that he believes he has 1st hand information about the Versus project. I also believe SE employees when they say it's fan fiction. @Alekzan and @xXShuyaXx have raised valid concerns -- partial verification notwithstanding. All of this could be true - i.e. this "source" may not be who he claims to be.

But really, what have we learned?
  • FFXV ended up being an abridged version of Nojima's story. Most of the story elements made it over. SE has been saying that for 3+ years.
  • Luna was almost the same as Stella. Yep.
  • Most of the cuts were for valid reasons.
    • Upper management told them to make it one game and remove it from FNC - we knew this already.
    • The death/reaper/etc part was cut due to various rating concerns. I can only surmise they're referring to the inroads they're making into the Asian/Middle Eastern market. The Western market certainly wouldn't have had any issues here.
    • We already knew the dreaming/alternate reality part was cut. Personally, I have no confidence that this part would have worked. And even when the game did dip its toes into this realm ("Omen" trailer), it was very out of place.
    • Lupus (sigh). Yes, we all know it means "wolf" in Latin -- most of these names are too on-the-nose for my liking. Truth be told, this multiple Chosen bit is just ridiculous enough to be true.
    • The invasion. The fan in me thinks the game would have been so much stronger if this had been kept. The developer in me knows there's no way in hell this could have been done in the time they had.
  • FFXV had time travel already. Thematically, it made sense. Noctis was postponing the inevitable by running around with his friends when they were young and (mostly) carefree.
  • The teams hate each other, etc. I don't believe this for a second, and I'm quite comfortable in my opinion here. Sure, there was probably resentment and corporate politicing, but we already knew that from various interviews. We also knew Tabata blew up the development hierarchy and brought them kicking and screaming to 201x. Frankly, I admire the hell out of him for that, and it's paying dividends in their output. In addition, these business units don't exist in a vacuum. People move around -- for instance some of BD2 is helping out BD1 in some obscure project they're working on. Professional people have got to get along. Their employment status depends on it.
And I say this a lot -- if Versus had been any good, they'd have released, well, Versus.
Feb 19, 2018
I believe the more factual objective stuff from the leak, but I too doubt the claims of the teams disliking each other, because even if that’s a legit leak it’s only one persons opinion.

Stakeholders do come to blows when there is a challenge or change. That just happens. It’s also temporary. It does not mean they hate each other.
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May 25, 2016
Wow some people are turning on peasant now. Is this a curse of joining the Versus facebook group
I too have my own concerns for how Peasant does his content.

Mainly it's because he chose to make Youtube his main source of income. What does that mean? Views. Revenue. Clickbait.

He has seen a pretty steady growth over the last year... but has now stunted in growth. And to get more revenue, you need more videos, but with a lack of actual news to talk about, you gotta talk about something. Pretty much anything can become a topic for him.

''Oh! Tabata said one sentence about lootboxes! $$$!'' -> 11 minute video and such.

It's like every small insignificant thing is sorta given it's own video, needlessly made longer with irrelevant content pushed in there. Uhh.. yeah.

Sometimes it's a proper video, but most of the time, unfortunately it's not.

Flash Over

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Mar 7, 2015
NL, Canada
Wow some people are turning on peasant now. Is this a curse of joining the Versus facebook group
“Turning?” The majority of the FF fanbase have always been wary of Peasant for the reasons stated above (plus don’t get me started on the theory era). The fact that he chose this to make a video about this and not the Royal Edition leaks that are all big confirmed at this point (nobody else has) validates the above points
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Feb 24, 2018
I don't trust this person.
Timeline of leaks:
(June 2016)
There was one leaker in 4chan, name unknown, who leaked the story 6 months before the game was released. I cannot find any original source of it, his name is unknown, but he/she was correct.
neogaf com/threads/4chan-rumors-huge-final-fantasy-xv-spoilers-plot-gameplay-dev-talk.1233181/
(December 2016)
There was another ''oflucii' which appeared after the game was released, and what he said was accurate, but still, he didn't leak any information that we couldn't have known, the only thing which is interesting is, him talking about some Shiva statue.
I mistakenly thought that he was also the same leaker from the first part, but I was wrong.
yuki la/v/360061246
(Official, November 2016)
There were comments by Roberto Ferrari (official character designer) before this guy appeared, so he could just have analyzed everything and copy-pasted.
neogaf com/threads/ffxv-character-designer-roberto-ferrari-comments-on-his-creations-on-facebook.1327881/

I am collecting scans, interviews, data, going around hidden places in the games to look for signs.
Probably the ff peas-ant will probably try to monetize it (stupid asshole), that's why I will keep most stuff I found to myself.
I found:
There are layers under the ground that resemble PS3 Crystal Tools textures a seen in the versus XIII 3-minute gameplay trailer.
There are a few videos of Japanese players trying to enter Tenebrae, and they sink in the ground, you will notice that there are textures on top of the ground to make a new ''ground'', also Insomnia is basically copy-pasted from Versus XIII and re-scaled (made 2-3x smaller).
SAF can be seen in those ships there (Safay Roth).
The story of Versus XIII isn't leaked, and all these leakers are fake charlatans.
They don't know Japanese, and usually a certain division of Japanese Square Enix in Shinjuku or Osaka creates these games (Kingdom Hearts DDD, Birth by Sleep, for example)

youtube com watch?v=U6wXmtC1wD4
I made some kind of movie cutting and sewing trailers, the movie, note: people residing in Japan can't watch it.

Sleep is a very important element and Noctis says he will be getting ''nightmares'' from that light in the sky, I think Noctis could communicate with the dead during his sleep, but we can only speculate. If KHIII and FF7R are made, and if the FF versus XIII reboot petition reaches SE they may do it.

However, when I was 18 years old I personally went to Shinjuku's Square Enix building and gave a letter to one of the staff at SE but they gave me a copy-paste letter in return stating ''thank you for your interest, we will try our best to improve our products'' and that's it.


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Oct 26, 2013
Sleep is a very important element and Noctis says he will be getting ''nightmares'' from that light in the sky, I think Noctis could communicate with the dead during his sleep, but we can only speculate.
well thats what the leaker here said.
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Oct 26, 2013
he is fake - Nomura states that Noctis his friends are giving him a hard time regarding Stella, and in the storyboard from Roberto Ferrari we can see Stella and Noctis. Stella was alive all the time.
yeah that was one of my counter-points before, i also wouldn't go the other way around and assume she would be alive all the time.

anyway, giving the many rewrites im not sure what to believe.

for now i can say im curious to find out what the name/term LUPUS is, since it was found close to STELLA on the data; so far the only element that you could link to a wolf is the hooded-guy.
Feb 24, 2018
Not sure how much credence it lends to this leak, but the datamine on the FFXV reddit seems to show files with Lupus in the names along with Stella and Ninja Village.
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Feb 17, 2018
Not sure how much credence it lends to this leak, but the datamine on the FFXV reddit seems to show files with Lupus in the names along with Stella and Ninja Village.
That's the OG, and he showed Storm stuff which is what apparently prompted this topic here to be posted to begin with.

If you go back a few pages, I think it gets brought up.
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