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"Parasite Eve" European trademark spotted. EU release of the first two games? Remake? HD Remaster? Straight PC port?
I'm awaiting Kingdom Hearts 3, God Eater 3, Code Vein, Tales of Vesperia HD PS4 remaster, DMC5, and the DLC for Spider-Man PS4.
I recently finish Lost Sphear, the main story of Spider-Man (PS4), and am closing in on the end of Dragon Quest 11.
I've returned to playing FF14, Dragonsong now. Tried Tera but it's just not clicking with me. Not enough character interaction and developing.
Bazztek wrote on CEOofMGN's profile.
Hey Zeal_Returns, aka MGamingLive, aka MercilessV, how many alt accounts does this make for you on Mognet now?